Problems in Current P2P Systems to Be Solved by All P2P App Developers

Put it here for contemplation’s sake

Why is it that all the p2p/distributed/decentralized/anonymized web technologies are not done right?
bittorrent lacks strong crypto and a routing to anonymize
ipfs requires storing duplicate i.e. to seed 1 TB needs 2TB, 1TB in hashed blocks with bad naming conventions
tor is a tcp based network
Direct connect only allows direct IP to IP connections not specifying where cypto is used in ADCS
Maidsafe requires a cryptocurrency to participate
Syncthing requires authorization to communicate between hosts.
Tox is direct IP, though tor can be used as a workaround
Firefox hello doesn’t use ZRTP
Jitsi’s ZRTP implementation I have only got to work on google servers
I have yet to see anything employ NTRU encryption which is quantum resistant
Yes recombinet would have crypto urls on djb crypto-- it’s difficult to integrate a workable system that patches these holes before MaidSAFE complete’s it’s launch.

ipfs stores files in a hashed form that can make hundreds of thousands of files that can corrupt hard drive filesystems and the transfer thereof can be burdensome. Lots of wasted reads/writes. I hope MaidSafe won’t store hundreds of thousands of different files on a store.

Standard programming languages like pure C etc without dll hell or dependency hell and backwards compatibility and support for legacy computing is important too. I.e. a self contained package without dependencies.

The standards for even modern programming languages have continually changed. C98 should have been good enough. I.e. what has happened to standardized interfaces in the modern generation of programming? Any reasonable software engineer should be able to figure out that it is important to consider making interoperability a priority.

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But you can get SafeCoin for free by just sharing some of your spare resources with a couple of granny-proof clicks.

At the moment free stuff isn’t really free because you pay with your data (fb, google etc). On SAFE free won’t really be free because you’ll be paying with your spare resources. It will still feel free though. And there should be much lower barriers to entry than those facing people trying to ‘buy-in’ to crypto.

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