Problem with bitcoin encrypted private key


I have my maidsafe coins trapped in a bitcoin address with encrypted private key (15 characters, with mycellium) generated with mycelium android wallet app.

I want to send all to poloniex. Do you know any way to do it? I tried to import the encrypted private key in omniwallet but the website don’t recognize it.


1 Like > wallet details > introduce your encrypted private key & password > get your private key WIF from your previous encrypted private key > use that WIF private key in omniwallet to move your coins.


I have the same dilemma as Makhno, and I not sure what to make of the answer that Chuki gave?? I think what Makhno and I need is a way to get the actual unencrypted Private Key to be displayed. For example when you scan the QR code of the encrypted Private Key in Mycelium, enter the 15 character password, Mycelium give you the public key info, but I am not sure how to retrieve the unencrypted Private key - how do you find it in Mycelium? (Using Mycelium Wallet vs 2.8.6 )

Ok, this may help. Make sure to scan the encrypted PK and then select export
If you need more detailed steps to follow let me know and I will get the blow by blow to you

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at the end I did it with Mycelium, using same steps than @smorgantwo

Excellent, glad you set your tokens free!

EDIT: nvm, fixed it thx