Problem with Access to MaidSafe shares with

Thanks for your input.

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Why would you expect shares in an SPV to be converted into SNT?

The SPV appears to own 1.8% of Ltd (36,636 shares of 2,029,332 total).

I think its from a misunderstanding of how the SPV works along with part of the offer was SNT for each investor in the SPV.

People only have shares in the SPV which I think some have missed.

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The offer, by Maidsafe, was the option to exchange your shares of BTTF for SNT at or shortly after launch, at the rate of 105 SNT per BTTF share, plus bonus coins for early purchases of BTTF.


Does SNT stand for Safenet Token?

Yes - Safe Network Token.

If I remember correctly from some MaidSafe team comments, at launch SNT won’t be the actual ticker, as there is apparent a new brand / name for it, but it’s secret so it doesn’t get taken.


Oh really? i didnt know that

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When does shareholders get the opportunity to make the decision?

Have shareholders already been contacted on this as I’ve received nothing??

As was stated.

Were not there yet, so you shouldnt have heard anything,

I still can’t access my account at BTTF and they are not responding to my emails. So weird - however, I am a novice investor and perhaps it is this that is bothering them - as pointed out by someone earlier in this thread.

I should be grateful if anyone else here who has an account with BTTF would let me know if they too are having problems logging-in - perhaps we can form a group and tackle the problem as such (a group) on Twitter-X.

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Yes, count me in. I do not have a problem with logging in with as such but as you know, once logged in some of us are met with:

But With All These New Services We Need To Reclassify Your Account!

This means that we are required to re-classify your investor status by 11th October 2021 to bring your account in line with new requirements from our regulator CIMA as well as local requirements in your country.

CIMA = Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

Existing clients/customers who should at least have access to their account cannot access their account:

Pictured are the premises of “Carey Olsen’s leading offshore law firm advising also on Cayman Islands” …

Their address:

Willow House,
Cricket Square, KY1-1001,
Cayman Islands

being the same one as the one of the letterbox for BnkToTheFuture.

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I haven’t tried to log in for a long time - but I have too many other things that need doing ATM so it will have to wait for a little while . .


I have no trouble logging in. Hope support actually respond to you soon. Have you tried tweeting them, or Simon Dixon about no account access and no response from support?


Thanks. Have tried those in the past but will try again.