Problem when using safeApp.authorise() function on Peruse dev browser

Hi guys!! This is my first post so let me first applaud your efforts in making this amazing product 

I’m facing an issue here I downloaded the latest peruse dev browser 0.5.1 for linux and I’m running Ubuntu 16.04.
I use these commands to start the browser from terminal:

export NODE_ENV=dev
./peruse --mock
The browser successfully launches in mock routing mode but when I try using SAFE web API playground and use safeApp.authorise() function it works for the first time and I get a popup to accept or decline the permission.

But after I refresh the page and do that again it just keeps on loading the circle and nothing happens even if I try it on other local websites the safeApp.authorise() function does nothing. When running the browser without mock routing this problem does not occur. Thanks in advance!!

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hey @mrmbd, Thanks for the post and trying out the browser :+1:

Just to clarify: After you click ‘accept’ nothing is happening, correct?

I’ve just tested on OSX, and everything’s okay here. I’ll dive into linux now and see if I can replicate.

In the mean time, if you’re looking to explore / try out the network in the playground, you can try grabbing the Safe Browser (which also has a mock build available), that’s currently more stable than Peruse.

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also, @mrmbd, let me know if you’re seeing any logs in the console when you run this.


@joshuef Thanks for checking out the issue. Actually the accept button works and authUri is generated well but the issue is that if you refresh the page and try it for the second time around the Accept or decline popup doesn’t appear at all. I tried using the Safe browser as well but there was an issue as well…whenever you try to upload a file and use the filereader() function in the browser, the page goes blank and console says page disconnected please refresh. Thanks again!


Thanks @joshuef for looking into this. Any update?

Cheers for the extra info, @mrmbd. I can replicate this on OSX now :+1:

For sure that’s a bug on our end. Not sure where it’s happening off the top of my head. If it’s only happening in mock, then I’ll have a dig around and see if I can see where that’d be occurring.


Just for future ref: This ended up probably being a build issue, and was negated by using the latest Peruse build (0.5.3 at the time).


I would like to ask a silly questions. I’ve got peruse running in mock routing mode… when I try and use web-hosting-manager when I authorise, it keeps failing.

How do I upload to the mock network?

Atm you can’t, but instead you can use a local Web server and the mock build browser will load your website at http://localhost:<port> (whatever your server is configured to serve).

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