Problem when trying to build a vault for the first time

I am failing here…
Any help would be really cool.
Thanks guys


Try running cargo build --release --verbose
This should give you much more output and can help tracking down build errors or give at least some hints.


Hey thanks a lot for taking the time to answer.
I am trying very hard to learn.

Here we go:

There be dragons! You’re entering a world of pain trying to compile that on Windows 10. There are various prerequisites you need to install first, and even then, for me anyway, it didn’t work. Fun to try if you happen to be in solitary confinement, but otherwise I wouldn’t bother…


After taking a closer look at the output, it seems to be complaining about the MSVC dev tools. I recommend installing the GNU compiler instead and then switching to gnu toolchain using the rustup script.

GNU compiler:
Imho, the easiest way is to install MSYS which also brings some other helpful tools with it:

Rustup / toolchain selection:


I would like to be able to farm day 1.
So I slowly want to get ready. Given I am not that much of a tech guy, I need to plan ahead…

Do you advise me to run on linux Or Ubuntu ?

thanks. I ll give it a try tomorrow.

Ah - it looks like you’ve installed Rust for use with MSVC. We’re not currently supporting that. It should be less painful in the near future (a recent update to rust_sodium has removed some of the dependencies, but that’s not published to yet).

So, if you can wait for the next version of rust_sodium to get published, you should get away with just replacing your installed version of Rust with the GNU one:

rustup toolchain uninstall stable
rustup install stable-gnu

then trying again. If you’re keen to have a go now, you can do that replacement but then also follow these instructions skipping step 1.


Best thing is to download one that’s already been compiled. Every time the network is updated, provided home vaults are allowed, a new version is released and posted here . Then you just download it and run it - MUCH simpler than building it yourself. As you know there is no network running at the moment. When there is I’m sure someone here will help you get started.


The C library libsodium got a recent update so that it doesn’t depend on MinGW’s libpthread.a any more and we’ve only just got that change incorporated into rust_sodium (in this commit).

I’m hoping that’ll mean it’s as easy to build the vaults on Windows 10 as it is on Linux :pray:


You don’t need to do this to farm, it will be very easy, but I hope you won’t drop this and will continue because it’s really cool stuff and very satisfying to get that extra level of knowledge and ability. Who knows where that will lead, but it will certainly give you greater insight into this project.

Ubuntu is one of many ‘flavours’ of Linux (aka one of many distros). I think Ubuntu is a good choice to start with, although Mint is good for its similarities with the old windows desktop. I use LMDE, which is Debian with a Mint style (Linux Mint Debian Edition). There are literally hundreds of Linux distros, so best to start with one that is popular, well supported, and comes with all the important stuff… Ubuntu. :slight_smile:

Good luck.


This is a fantastic resource. It would be handy to have a reference to this in the safe_vault and safe_client_libs readme to benefit windows users trying to compile rust code. I hadn’t seen this until today :open_mouth:

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Seconded…easiest to start with Ubuntu as it’s the most popular and you are therefore more likely to find answers to any issues that may come up.

edit: fyi - some popularity statistics

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