Privilege wager - market consensus addon

Was reading through the three medium posts on PARSEC by author “flatoutcrypto” today and had another one of my most likely dumb ideas… so I thought I’d post it here to increase my street cred as a numbskull … lol

So, as far as I understand it … PARSEC is the low level consensus mechanism, with node aging (for one) adding more security on top of that.

What I have in mind is the possibility of wagering the privilege level of the node on contentious issues … so each higher level of node age has a higher level of privilege (to a finite limit). And given a node’s ‘certainty’ calculation on the truth of a particular matter, it could wager that privilege - put it on the line to increase the weight of it’s normal vote.

This would build on top of node aging and function in a similar way a marketplace consensus mechanism, with the exceptions that it would be automated and that there is a finite limit to privilege. It’s probably totally redundant, unworkable, or more simply unneeded … but no harm in putting it out there.


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