Private section to this forum?

I was thinking we should consider having a private area to this forum where topics can be discussed that are perhaps either nor for the public for whatever reason, no ready for the public, or to be used for certain groups of people e.g. maybe I have a small project I am working on that I don’t want to reveal publically for commercial purposes but I am quite happy to discuss it with trust level X members. Another example would be to discuss marketing topics that are best kept internally.

What are others thoughts?

Just going to throw in that I know I can use the message feature but that only works if I know who I want to communicate with.


We have #lounge already. Discuss a topic and only level 3 and above can see it. That way the ones discussing have to be serious about this forum and safe


When we want to discuss with a specific group we have PM + invitations.



I’ve been on this forum for a few years now. Never even heard of it. Sounds safe to me. Now I feel stupid.

My access is denied apparently.

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Its possible to have another category for level 2 and above. Maybe that can be discussed here but should be discussed in the #meta category which is for such discussions. My thought is level 3 is too high a cutoff for your initial suggestion and level 2 is more appropriate


I’ve been thinking about topics suitable for certain levels, but I can’t really think of any. I’ve been on and off level 3 since the beginning (missing out on the SAFE Calendars :wink:). Thought it was cool to see the #lounge category at first, but use-cases for it are limited. Level 2 would be more suitable for a category for ‘experienced members’, but again, use-cases are limited.


How do I get access to the lounge?