Privacy by Design and SmartData

This is an interesting article by Anne Couvakian - she’s the Canadian Professor who coined the term Privacy by Design which is one of the provisions in the GDPR.

It concerns the concept of SmartData which I remember reading about a few years ago. This is the idea of encrypting personal data and surrounding it with an intelligent agent which is able to negotiate with third parties how it can be used. So if Amazon wants to track me to serve me ads it has to negotiate with my agent first and maybe give me something back. Or I might tell that my data can be used once only for this purpose, after which it will disappear. She mentions blockchain and decentralisation and it seems to me to be something that SAFE is tailor-made for, although I can’t quite get the details straight in my head as to exactly how it would work.


I like the Enigma project, which allows you to do this kind of thing.

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