Prevention of Data Mining


I was just thinking about data mining that goes on and the likes of Microsoft reading documents that you have on your computer (Windows 10) and HP reading filenames (and possibly more) when you print documents (had lots of scary pages to click through and privacy settings to untick on the installer when installing my works Officejet on to my home network!).

I take it a document would have to be created with a Maidsafe Word processing app to prevent the contents being read from your computer since the document would be locally cached when using MS Word even if you saved the document to your Madesafe account?

And as for printing, would a document have to be decrypted in order to print on a standard printer, and thus be possible to be scanned for whatever the likes of HP is looking for?



Yes, these are real issues. David has said that once the network is secure, MaidSafe will want to work on improving the security of devices because they will then be the weak link.


Quick fix: LibreOffice on Arch Linux

Why would anyone want to use Windows 10 that cares about privacy? (at least one that has not been modded to prevent the OS from “phoning home”)