Press release in for $1,995

For the release of Alpha 3:

"Submit your press release for $1,995!
Post your press release using the form below to reach’s global audience!
If approved and paid, we’ll include it in our main front page sidebar which is served between 100,000 and 300,000 times per day, and update our 70,000+ strong Telegram group, as well as our 300,000+ followers on Twitter. The post will also feature on our dedicated Press Releases page and is pushed to 250,000+ notification subscribers, and other selected social media channels. Your PR will also feature in our newsletters, which also reaches tens of thousands of subscribers.

Our readership is truly global, with just below 30% of our traffic originating from the US, a little more than 30% from the EU and the rest (40%) mainly from Asia (with India in top). Over time a few countries in Africa has started contributing to our traffic too."


Good to know. Once we get to beta I’d happily pay for that! :wink:


Next step, moves to safe://news.bitcoin