Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



Hey everyone, my wife is a New England Journal of Medicine…Journal Watch (online only) blogger that could potentialy publish an article about the benefits maidsafe can provide the medical industry. This would be in response to recent medical hijacking occurances.

For example:

My asks would be 1. Are you ok with this? 2. Could someone write a paragraph at most 400 words on how SAFE could prevent hackers from holding hospital data hostage?


my 2c: a little bit of marketing (as long as we don’t go crazy) is not bad IMHO. If more people know about it then the road to mass adoption will be easier or accelerated. We need that to make the project successful at the end. I agree that people will be attracted by the tech itself but still there will be more people if we get the word out.


I really enjoy what I am reading every day. The community seems very active :smiley:

I think that for the next marketing paper release one should really think about translate them in many different languages (with subtitles for videos).

I’m not very familiar with this kind of tools, but does somebody know how we could manage it in a very efficient maner.


I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet - but there is an investment website called hacked ( that does a full analysis and rating on current ICOs amongst other things. Seems unbiased and could be quite beneficial when the timing is right. I’ll leave it for the moderators/coordinators to check out :slight_smile:


i dont know why this isnt in the forum but here it is


Awesome opportunity for MaidSafe to start the discussions and IMO best handled by @nicklambert The mere fact you @Dwieluns2 see this as a possible solution moves the needle. Not sure if this is premature -and it may well be - but Nick knows how to manage it. At the very least I think introducing your wife to Nick to get the official lines of communication open - for future dialogue - would be a bonus.

Great work @Dwieluns2


We should be able to find someone to write an article like that. I like the idea.


Hey @Dwieluns2,

Many thanks for the post. Happy to pull together some content, but would probably need more information prior to doing that. I’m also not familiar with Journal Watch. So it would be good to know what the article is specifically about, ransomware has been pretty well covered of late, and preventing is as much about training staff in good online security habits (maintaining software updates, not clicking links from unknown sources…etc…) as it is about data/network security. Thanks again!


I sent you a PM so we could discuss offline


I would stick with relative comparisons that seem credible in the short-term.

Perhaps point out that as an investment it has all the potential of blockchain and a whole lot more. With Eth and BTC still not able to scale we are still looking at a combined market cap of nearly $100bn based on excitement alone. MAID would be over $200 a pop at those levels of speculation, imagine it if it really realised its potential for utility?! Could we be adding 1, 2 or even 3 zeros to that number in the very long term?

I dunno, probably still sounds a bit pumpy, meh, just my two cents anyway :grin:


2 Maidsafe cents? Could be a lot of :dollar: then.


This is a great quote from @dirvine blogging The Impossible Network. “The Decentralised Internet does not describe us any more, well no more than “some computer thing”. We have failed to really explain to people what MaidSafe is and what the SAFE network will be able to achieve.”

A coordinated marketing plan includes syncronizing the message with the goals.

NO where is there any claim, or inference, that the coin will be worth 100 or 200 dollars. To even broach that subject in marketing plan would be a disaster and dilute the efforts of the team. If you want to go NVO pump style , do MaidSafe a favour and don’t attach the MaidSafe name to it.

Everybody want the safecoin to appreciate in value. There is a right way to do it.


Very good timing. Maidsafe just needs to crack on and release something. We are ready.


So often, I think, effective marketing sits at the crux of business and success. There are many technologically superior products that did not win in the market because the second rate product did a better job of selling to consumers. I think the ability to excite the kind of consumer who never uses more than 5 of 100 features in a new product and never reads the manual will be crucial for Maidsafe’s success. The tech heads will come anyway, but there aren’t enough of them to move the market.


Excitement??? Where is the excitement coming from.


The potential for blockchains to scale and become ubiquitous as store-of-value or as the underlying infrastructure for distributed data, IoT etc etc

I kind of agree with this. I think there is a place for pumpiness done the right way, but it is usually better when it comes from speculators and investors rather than as part of the message being put out by the developers.


If that was correct, the speculators would be piling in ahead of time. Proper marketing will get the public’s attention, assuming that is what Maidsafe wants. Otherwise do nothing and let the product speak for itself.


The fallacy of “Build it and they will come”. Google this phrase and you´ll find many articles covering this fallacy.

An article I picked up:
Startup Fallacies: If You Build It, They Will Come

If You Market It, They Will Come
I would love to say, “show me a product built with the strategy of ‘If you build it, they will come’, and I’ll show you a hundred others that failed with the same strategy,” but I can’t. Those “hundred others” died in obscurity. Maybe they were the next unicorn or maybe they were just a lifestyle business, but we’ll never know because no one heard about them.

It´s not black and white though and Maidsafe lies somewhere in between.
This cryptocurrency space is getting totally flooded though so unless voices are raised It might be difficult to get attention.

-edit: just in case I´ll mention that by “raising our voices” I definitely do not mean going to bitcointalk/reddit/etc and pumping maidsafe in random threads like many other enthusiastic investors of other projects are doing. Rather an intelligent plan of how to promote and market effectively and tactfully without raising animosity in others.


Bingo. This is an excellent point made by @Sotros25 that some dont understand. MaidSafe won’t sell itself. And when MaidSafe hits the high notes you can bet they’ll be lots of competitors chasing its market with their “better version”.

Unfortunately for MaidSafe, the easy part will have been the 14 years of toiling 18 hours a day building the safenet. This now gets real.
Marketing is not like coding. You don’t just keep redoing it till it works. Marketing is like the Olympics, you train for years using the best trainers, the best facilities, day in day out and finally enter the collesuem, strut your stuff, and win or lose.

Ask anyone who trained for the Olympics for 14 years of they think 2nd place was worth it.

MaidSafe needs Gold. Deserves Gold. Can achieve Gold. Only with the best marketing.


Much of the current marketing assumes that people will just get the problems with centralized services with no explanation needed. That’s not true for most people. Marketing that takes this angle should explain why it’s a problem, with examples, otherwise it will seem to abstract and not something most people can relate to. Even then, many won’t care, especially when it comes to privacy, because they’ll still just think they’re small and unimportant and have nothing to hide. To some extent this is true, many people will never experience a serious privacy breach online in their life, and even if their data is stored with the NSA, nobody is ever going to look at it. Even if there are privacy abuses, many won’t care unless they have serious negative consequences for their own lives, and often they won’t.

While many might think that software that prevents surveillance and data theft might be preferable to software that doesn’t, most still doesn’t care very deeply and won’t bother if this is the only advantage. I think the privacy angle in the marketing in general should be toned down a little bit, it should be there, just it doesn’t have to be the main focus, let it be one of many advantages of SAFE.