Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



Umm @BIGbtc did you have anything in particular you disliked so much to merit all those words?

Like anything that wasn’t correct, etc?


More than 1 list is my thinking


And this is something that needs to be addressed as I mentioned in the survey. First thing my wife said about the project when I clumsily explained it to her was ‘That will get shut down’. Tried to comapare Tor and say how that was still up and running but she still wasn’t convinced.

I think there is a risk staying in the UK with Theresa’s wank-watch internet policy (not that I think that’s all the team is doing).

How many Safecoins would a house near Zurich cost? Actually Somewhere in the Maggia valley would be nicer, still plenty of rain and mountains… pretty much a nazi gold-guilded Scotland. Fewer stabbings though.


I was trying hard to just let you know the slides were not good. Don’t worry. I trust my judgement. If you like it, use it.


Different situations though. Assange revealed their corruption. Troon is enabling the hiding of info from the USA. The reason they are after Assange is one of pride/face-saving/outrage/exposing-their-corruption, whereas Troon is simply (to them) providing what others already do (encryption of files/websites)


But if Maidsafe gets released, Assange v2, 3 and 4 will pop up. Easier to shut down the source


The souce is then worldwide and not Troon. They will still go after the people. Did they go after the authors or Tor when they attempted to shut down the black market operating on Tor?

I doubt very much they would go after the creators of SAFE when their crimes are exposed again.


You’re a little monkey :laughing:


Hey can you provide anything constructive at all please here, really I’d be happy with one sentence that you thought was not reflective of the truth,

Anything constructive to improve on is better than just all the words so far please


I think 1 user name and password for everything will appeal to almost everyone…my2cents


None taken… the 34 page write up and PowerPoint surfaced here from this… and that write up helped me a ton :wink:


I think you should get rid of the bit saying ‘1 SAFEcoin would be worth $300k if it replaced the dollar’. Feels like a pretty irrelevant and pumpy statistic to give.I rarely trust the credibility of things that throw out unsubtle lures and hooks. Is that just me? There was a bit of duplication within some of the lists too. I think it does need a bit of an edit and visual polish, but it’s a great start! :+1:


it was math, and just to give people ideas of what we’re talking about. Definitely pointed out that we’re just touching on these themes, and that this was a technical discussion.

Can definitely remove things if multiple people feel strongly about anything


Oh I would not doubt your intentions Will. I know you won’t have meant it as pump-juice, I’m just giving a fresh eye perspective and my impression. It jumped out at me as ‘not credible’. Happy to accept that I’m the odd one out if that’s the case though. And good job for the work you’ve done it so far. Really I think it just needs to look a little bit prettier and have a bit of community input to tweak a couple of things.

Anyway 4am here, back to bed for me now the child is finally back to sleep :crazy_face:


Happy to help you with that.

The is nothing of interest to anyone searching for information about safenet.

Start with what Safenet is, end with that

Really, pictures of people, $125 projections, better than bitcoin, Better than us Dollar, confusing claims about internet

First rules of marketing - don’t make ridiculous claims and don’t “fill” marketing material with useless information.

Sorry dude, you asked.

Edit: in Marketing and PR, you don’t get A for effort. You get F for fail if it’s not good. Like coding, its gotta work.
You have skills, focus on them.


Here are my ideas:

  1. The marketing should be all-volunteer with minimal management intervention. Maidsafe needs to spend their money on devs and coders to create the best possible product. Plus, we have eager volunteers who want to spread the word. Even if we hire pros later, these people are an important asset.

  2. These volunteers should have independence. If people are volunteering their time, they should be free to do it however they want. I think of these volunteers as “ants.”

  3. These forums are valuable for providing and sharing marketing materials, feedback, and guidance, This would be “the guidance from the mother-ship.”

  4. One person can be the interface from the Maidsafe management. This person will speak up in case one of the ants is marketing in a way that management doesn’t approve of. I think this is very unlikely.

  5. I think this setup is in the decentralized, independent spirit of Maidsafe.

If the product is as fantastic as we all hope, the marketing will not be that critical.


Thanks so much for doing this work.

I always prefer a worker who puts out a possibly imperfect product to a wise visionary who knows perfection but who actually does no work.

Keep the ideas coming. The more ideas you put out, the more resources we can all share. Anyone who doesn’t like it can alter it to suit their own tastes and then market it their way. Everyone’s opinion is different, everyone’s opinion is important.

As you get more and better constructive feedback, your materials will get better and better. It will be a growing experience for everybody!


I agree that having one un-hackable password would appeal to every internet user in the world:

One Password to rule them all, One Password to find them,
One Password to bring them all and in the vault, bind them…


Depends what you mean by Marketing. I picture handing out cards by what you describe


Thanks @Jabba it looks like many people agree with you.

I just wish there was a way to explain the investment side, without sounding “pumpy” because I think it’s important for people to have at least an idea of that.

Any idea on how I can make that in a balanced manner? I know the Prezi itself seems to focus on that part for equally as long as all the other parts, but if anyone has actually watched that part of the video where I present it, then you’ll see that I skip over that 300k mathematical figure and go right along, only highlighting bits and pieces before moving quickly along to the revolution section.

Thanks for all the comments, looking for ideas on this somewhat controversial part.