Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



I would strongly suggest on toning down on the used car salesman excitement. Other less strong suggestions include:

*Be concise for those who don’t have in depth knowledge in the introduction.
*Add more information for those who wish to read, but make it into a section that can be skipped for the group above.
*State facts, value proposition and why people are excited about it.

Don’t spam just to increase awareness, I would highlight the utility. I suggest you all look at and create some key messages. You can do this by figuring out what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Remember the 5 W’s.
“Where are we going, okay now how do we get there.”
“Why are we going” e.t.c.


Are you referring to SafeNet for Dummies?

As I said before, mostly all the information comes from safenet wiki, we just tried to structure it so it is easier to comprehend.
We made a summary (short explaination for people who aren’t too technical) and a how to section for indepth understanding. I originally wanted to put a hide tab for the how to section to compact the booklet, but can’t do that with pdf. If you know how, plz advise.
As for the car salesman, that depends on our target. This wasn’t meant for core developers. This was meant for people who know nothing or very little about the safenetwork. We also wanted to pique the interest of potential app developers on the benefits of safenetwork.


I think that was toward my writeup…99% sure :wink:


For PDF actions, I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can use a trial version if you do not want to purchase it.

  1. Save the PDF. Open the document through Acrobat Pro DC, at the top in the ribbon, select the Tools Tab.
  2. Choose ‘Prepare Form.’ Select your document if it is not automatically selected and click on the Start button.
  3. Once the PDF is opened within the Prepare Form tool, you will see a sub-ribbon with action icons.
    i. Note: There are more than one solution to accomplish showing or hiding a field. Have fun with this.
  4. Click on the Text field icon (T with cursor icon inside a box). Place the box on your desired location on the document.
  5. Click on Text Field Properties, or right click to select properties.
  6. You can select to make this field visible or invisible by default.
  7. On the Actions tab, you can select a mouse click, or other action to have a specific action. Select your desired trigger then use the drop down menu to select the appropriate action: Show/hide field.

Et voila. You’re done. If you plan on multiple fields like this within the document, I suggest naming each of the text boxes and possibly creating tooltips for better organization in the future.

For the tone of your messages, you’re right it does depend on where you plan on posting and to which audience. I think in general Maid coin should avoid being overly cheesy, and l33t!!111!!one. Just my two cents on a differentiation strategy compared to the Papa Nurgle bloat stinking up the cryptosphere.


No hard feelings. Love the enthusiasm. Have you considered how you can channel that into the message in other ways? Using a thesaurus can be pretty fun also.


Thanks for the advise. I think wat happen last time when we tried to implement the ‘hide’ function for pdf, we had an issue with all the documents shifting ‘out of place’. We used Indesign for layout.
What we decided to do was keep the booklet like this but offer a shorter version for marketing. In essence, a dummies dummy booklet with graphics and only 5-8 page presentation. I’m mostly done with it, only 2 pages to go. :wink:


Understood. Looking forward to seeing the final product.


@hungypoo Ken, this is reading very well thank you :slight_smile:

Some comments & suggestions:

  • developer benefit (p6): zero infrastructure costs with massive scalability - no servers or hosting to pay for no matter how popular your content or application is.

  • Who owns the SAFE Network? (p6): could start: “SAFE Network is the world’s first truly autonomous network…” which can be expanded on later (see David’s post )

  • p8 etc replace “SAFE Network Client” and “SAFE Client” with “SAFE Browser”

  • the overview (p8) dives into geeky terminology which many will struggle to understand. So rather than talk about mounting virtual drives, you might say something like “and immediately you will have access to unlimited storage for your files and data, accessible from any device logged into Safenetwork”. And “every application you use available whenever you are logged in, without the need to install locally on the machine you are using” and so on. Then it can go into the kind of applications that will be available, rather than mentioning dynamic data, describe the functionality… “video calling (like Skype, but totally secure) websites including blogs, wiki, and forums but without censorship or tracking/surveillance” and so on. And then begin to introduce the technical features which enable this as you have done (encryption, chunks etc).

I’ll leave that there for now but hope my comments are helpful. It’s already a very useful document and I will be keen to share it when you are ready to release it.


Do you think it can be interesting to organize a hackathon / developpement contest based on the safe network? This will make emerge new interesting projects around the network.


I think this would be good as alpha2 is released, which I think will be very soon.


This is a good document for the technically inclined. but I have doubts on whether it will have mass pappeal. The challenge is to avoid using technical terms. Do you thing the people buying into Bitcoin and Ethereum at present know what they do? My friends don’t but they can’t afford to be left behind. Marketing without techno speak is a must


Only techos understood what the internet was about and saw it’s potential. I dare say if it could have been explained to the man in the street better, it would have had much earlier appeal


Just don’t hold it in the US… might end up with half the entrants in custody…


I think a video on data chains would be very useful in getting the message across. When I think back to bitcoin in the early days I remember starting out by trying to understand what a blockchain was and how it worked. Once I grasped it the light bulb illuminated. Once the light bulb was lit I was keen to delve deeper. You need to spark that initial interest in people so that they can get the light bulb moment. The whole system is too complex to grasp in todays 3 minute attention span but if someone can explain datachains the way block chains were explained back in the day then I think we will capture peoples imaginations.


Yes you are right. This was for app developers. We also have a powerpoint with lots of graphics and less words for marketing purposes.


Totally agree. A good marketer would need a couple of hours with the Leadership team, ask a few questions that the public would ask and create a campaign. I,d be very surprised if the asked for any techo stuff initially. Jeff Berwick is the master of spin. So many distribution channels and a global outreach and keen followers


Oh and I also think if the marketing is done in-house, Maidsafe is cactus and we may as well wait for the live launch


Now, please don’t shoot me… i’m just throwing paint at a wall trying to make shapes…!

Unfortunately, us Tin-hat brigade are quite a small bunch, there’s not that many ‘normies’ who are concerned with privacy and security online. A scary amount of people believe that they have nothing to hide so aren’t concerned that their private information can be accessed so easily.
I mean, when I deleted my facebook/whatsapp accounts 2 years ago my friends and family thought that I was having a crisis, despite explaining why I was doing it. They thought I was strange and suspect for not wanting a company to have free access to every bit of information about me and use my conversations/data/photos in order to advertise to others.

As such, I think the primary goals of Maidsafe may not really be of interest to Joe Public, so is there a ‘selfish’ use of the network that would pique interest?

Maybe something like video streaming as an alternative to Kodi plugins… Phoenix, Exodus and many other plugins have been shut down so there’s definitely an opening.

As I said, I’m just thinking outloud really, as I’m sure for this example would bring unwanted attention from those poor media companies and their legal teams. And I’m sure similarly the Maidsafe team don’t want to feel like the Kodi developers do after all the hardwork!

But communicating the ‘ability’ to do such things (whether or not they are realised) may be a way to spread the word about the capabilities of the network?


I wonder if the staff in Troon have considered a permanent shift to Panama. Remember the baloney charges on Assange


I don’t think Americans know where Scotland is do they? Isn’t it in the North of England? :wink:

There’s no mistaking though, the Troon team are definitely on a list… If I was David, I would have gone all Mike Corely by now.