Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign

Timing is all important. Once you get someone’s attention, the next question will be - when will this be available. We live in an impatient and quickly changing world. May I suggest approx 12 months from the time the leadership team consider beta release should be
possible to make is the earliest the drip feeding should commence. Getting someone
Ike Jeff Berwick onboard will be a good thing. He has done so much to take Bitcoin to the masses

Hi @mj77 - you need to have reached trust level 1 / basic user first.

You can get to trust level 1 by…

  • entering at least 30 topics
  • reading at least 180 posts
  • spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Ok, I got it. thanks @JPL


glad to hear this!

Excited to be helping where I can :slight_smile: Finishing edits of our first official video from the SAFE Network SF Silicon Valley Pod, and will have that uploaded today.

Everyone is also free to view our Prezi slides right here in the meantime.

Let’s get SAFE out there! Get SAFE or die trying!!! that’s my motto :slight_smile:


Great slide. Can we expand to a second slide in row and column format, with all the main ccoins across the top, starting with Maidsafe, and all the features down the page. Ticks and crosses in the features boxes will start the differentiation thinking in the publics mind. Don’t you always look more closer at the product with the most ticks?

A good start would be to explain in laymen’s terms the true awsome power of maidsafe as compared to relatively simple tech like blockchain. The post in this thread works well: Goodbye Blockchain, hello Datachain?

As you always do and should be commended for your great efforts. But I got to say this prenzi presentation does not do MaidSafe justice and I hope it gets some fine tuning, way lots of fine tuning. Not trying to rain on your parade here Will but IMO this is not good stuff.

Let’s get the " coordinated effort" happening with “guidance” from some pro PR people.

The message about MaidSafe needs to be constant, across all fronts, you in SF need to deliver the same info, in the same efficient way, as me in Montreal, or Savage in Florida. Or David in London UK. This cannot be a Hodge Podge mix of my interpretation of a good presentation or your interpretation of a good presentation because so far, MaidSafe has done a shittttty job of delivering the message and it’s time to fix it.

Fix it once and for all. Bring in the pros and spend money, real money on real talent. No more low budget attempts.

Sorry Will, not trying to start anything with you but you can do more harm than good with a presentation like this.

“Ya never get a second chance to make a first impression”


Yep. Before you bring out a new beer, in the world of many good beers, the marketing gurus think up a campaign and road test it with some people who drink a lot of beer

We need no marketing and we need no campaigns. Let me tell you, if the system works. If you can stream movies anonymously and run websites anonymously and make safecoin from allocating your free space to safenet. No advertising will be needed. None at all. This is not lika any other crypto currency wich do need marketing. This will not need any marketing at all. Trust me on that. What we need is a working safeNet that can stand anything hackers throw at it. Once it works, there will be no need for marketing. Infact, I think the more marketing that is made, the bigger the risk for a fork with the reasoning that the forked version doesnt burn money on pointless marketing.

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I’m inclined to agree that marketing won’t be needed, but I don’t think that’s an argument against doing it - because it can help.

The internet and the web did not have much centralised marketing, if any - it all came from those who saw its potential and wanted to use it, or build things on it. I can still remember the CEO of a very innovative startup I was working for,saying it would never be more than a brochure for businesses. I don’t recall anyone out there contradicting him, and I was just an excited geek enjoying learning about hosting the company’s first home page. Before long all manner of companies were trying to build stuff, and the dot com boom was just around the corner, and we were getting a 64kbit leased line in at great expense so that everyone at the company could access the burgeoning internet.

I agree that SAFEnetwork is in this category, so the value of marketing is in accelerating this process, or achieving something related. What are the aims here?

Do we really mind if people don’t get it until it takes off? I don’t know, but I think just marketing for the sake of it is of questionable value, so it would be good to get agreement on what that marketing is designed to achieve so we can assess its value and the resources to put into it.


I completely agree. How much marketing did bitcoin or Ethereum get? And they didn’t have what SAFE will have: the ability of everyone with a spare bit of hard disc space to make money by downloading a client. With the only expense being electricity, that’s as close to free money as you can get. Does anyone seriously think word won’t spread fast?


Like AOL didn’t ship millions of CD’ in the early 90’s.

The space today is very noisy and to be heard, you need to speak up. MaidSafe is competing with many “apparent solutions” and needs to properly separate itself. That is no easy feat and organic is an unlikely route. This is not 1995.

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I have typed up an example of what I plan to continue to do. I am open to all feedback…go easy guys :). This document is a testament to my basic understanding and needs to be fact checked. I have retained a professional editor (will use once facts are checked and agreement this is something we should do) and if this is something people like I will continue with these. If it is decided to continue would MAIDSAFE allow use of its logos? If not, no worries, as I see the pro’s of this type of info coming from a non MAID team member.

Can’t upload a Text Doc so if anyone want a text copy I can email to you…!


Hi Guys, offering my humble 2c here. In terms of marketing to the mass, i think it’ll be beneficial to communicate value first then feature second. We can learn alot by looking into Apple strategy. They used to market their products by how their products can change people’s life. I rarely see them advertising “how many pixels their camera has, how fast their chips are…etc etc”. Rather it’s always about “it’s easy to share, it’s easy to use, it gets your life organised”. These are 2 of the values of SAFE I can think of now:

  1. It’s more secured than the most secured.
  2. Anyone can make money using their redundant computer resources.
  3. Perhaps you all can help add on :smiley:

We have to make the marketing messages insanely simple to understand to the extend where simple non tech folks can understand at one attempt. My old folks don’t really understand what internet is but they’re online using their smartphones. I’ll be thrilled if one day they’re using apps in SAFE.


I agree. Keep the details simple and easy to ubderstand. For someone who is not a techie like me that would be helpful.


Agree with mass marketing strategy. Maybe I should create a new thread. What I am going for is an easy to read and understand what makes MAID different. Compare and contrast, kind of educational all in one location and easy read. So I am not doing market analysis to define barnecals, early adpoters, etc… or SWAT analyses. There are marketing professionals for that. Also, hopeing to find out what I think SAFE will do is actually true, so fact checks please. @harvindar could you easily understand what I wrote?

maidsafe asia has already compiled a safenet for dummies…approximately 30+ pages. its just a compilation of safenet wiki. need guys on here to read it and make corrections since we know some of the information on wiki is outdated.


P.S. pm me and i send you the pdf if you need it. also we working on a powerpoint that will simplify it down to 5-6 pages for marketing purposes.


Wow…that document is awesome!!

Here is a link to the SafeNet for Dummies if anyone else wants to have a look. We are aware some of the information is outdated or incorrect. If anyone have comments or corrections, please let me know and I will update.



Woot, this is quite a document! Give me some time in the coming days, but i will read it.