Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



Amen, brother. It’s either now or never. But there has to be incentive to make the switch.


I feel the same. Either way we need “consensus” on this issue in the new year.


Another thing to keep in mind: At some point after launch the MaidSafe team will be in competition with other developers for Safenetwork applications. If r/MaidSafe gets out of control it could be seen as unfair competition and stunt the growth of independent Safenet developers.


Online means actual people viewing or interacting with posts on the subreddit. Subscribers is just the number of people who clicked subscribe once.

I don’t care how many people have subscribed if they hardly ever use reddit. Online seems like the actionable metric, with subscribers being a vanity metric.

1,632 vs 6? No brainer.


Worry about dealing with success when we are successful. No need to worry about be swamped by lots of users- it is a hugely enviable problem to have.


Hmm okay - that is a real argument - but online doesn’t mean online in the safenetwork reddit - so online only means ‘active redditer and clicked subscribe at some point’


1500-4000 active users of r/maidsafe. If you really want to ensure conversion, offer each r/maidsafe subscriber one maidsafecoin if he posts exclusively on r/safenetwork for the next month. Better yet, give each new, active subscriber to r/safenetwork one maidsafecoin, regardless of where he/she comes from. That’s only a few thousand dollars invested. Could easily come from the marketing budget. The mechanics/logistics of such a bounty might take a little effort though.


One of the larger conversations we have with clients when it comes to Reddit, is that just because a specific subreddit has a lot of subscribers, doesn’t mean it is really that active.

It is better to have your content submitted to a subreddit that has only 10,000 subscribers, but 5,000 active, than a large subreddit with 100,000+ subscriber but only a few hundred actually participating.

It’s anybody who is currently in the subreddit, regardless of being subscribed or not, and includes users who don’t have an account.


Tbh, I think it goes beyond reddit. How we communicate the brand in general is the important thing.


That is so true, but reddit is a good place to start.


@dewild do you have a YouTube channel??


Thanks for the kind words guys. I don’t do donations, but I appreciate the gesture.

I do have a YouTube channel, but I only use it for personal stuff. And these videos would’nt last a day on there anyway. Copyright infringement from head to toe.


I think it’s great and the message-to-footage ratio is just right. I like the way the join the dots metaphor fits in with SAFE Network logo too.

The only thing I’d take out is the ‘no servers or blockchain’ message close to the start. It just seems to be in the wrong place and would be better at the end, perhaps after Redesigning the Internet from the ground up.

When the avalanche starts perhaps you could have a message about ‘once it starts it will be impossible to stop’ and ‘It will disrupt everything in its path’ or something like that?

Also personal preference but I don’t like all caps - looks a bit shouty, but that may just be me.


So, if you can’t use the video on You Tube because of copyright concerns, will you be able to use it to promote SafeNetwork in other places?


I do have a YouTube channel, but I only use it for personal stuff. And these videos would’nt last a day on there anyway. Copyright infringement from head to toe.

So you mean to tell us you did not hire a helicopter and shot all of that on your own? I am so disappointed! :laughing:


Would need to be as fan non-Youtube channel I am guessing


Liked it! Without being able to at first glance tell you where, it needs some fine-tuning as you already said yourself.

The idea of nature, avalanches and regrowth is inspiring!

Thanks for all your efforts DeWild :+1:t2:


Just gonna leave this here:


That’s rather depressing… :frowning:


So when is the coordinated marketing campaign being launched? I think if we focus on the OP we can come up with some comprehensive strategies! I think the difficulty is that this thread has too much debate (which is very good) and not enough decisiveness, maybe some sort of voting mechanism could be introduced in order get things moving forward?