Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



I won’t keep repeating myself.

You can see above that I’ve said this is ofc the goal but also ofc far from the reality right now and splitting the two right now seriously hinders reddit views on the great topics that come up

I’ll stop repeating. Please read what I’ve written,

I really want to see this happen for all of our shared success here


I know this might be off-topic, but the #safenetwork and #maidsafe channels on
freenode are other portals to consider sending reinforcements…
The ability for one to check into a freenode channel, ask a question, and then get a rapid response typically provides a good indicator of a project’s health.

I noticed @whiteoutmashups and @riddim fielding questions there today… good job!


And honestly Will I am not sure you understand what is being said.

To remain on /r/maidsafe now will mean (guaranteed) that we stay on /r/maidsafe *forever*

Maidsafe want their reddit back. It is the SAFE network not the maidsafe network.

I understand the momentum /r/maidsafe has now. But we do need to change that and to do it now is much better than later.

We can move from /r/maidsafe to /r/safenetwork and it will take 500% less time if we do it now than in a years time.

Its not splitting the two but moving the safenetwork topics (most if not all topics at the moment) to /r/safenetwork.


I completely disagree. No reason this has to be true at all

There’s not only no reason for this, but it’s also completely impossible / unrealistic. Give me one plan to accomplish this that you see working, and we can discuss it.

This whole discussion is a debate between so many ideals and the reality.

You can’t force big changes or create progress without making sacrifices and important decisions. So much good and growth can immediately happen by focusing 100% on our r/MaidSafe community until launch.

My last post on the subject. (at least for a few weeks or so, if no progress is made) for my own sanity haha :anger: :frowning_face:


Whoa…what was that…the music is awesome…maybe a little too awesome. I likesss…:slight_smile:


Afaiu r/safenetwork will be the only relevant sub once the swap happens. Maidsafe will probably not be remembered after that. I think keeping both for now is fine but I’d like to encourage people to get out to the wider community (as we tend to only preach to the choir). Casually mentioning Maid in r/CryptoCurrency/, r/CryptoCurrencies/, r/Bittrex/, and possibly r/CryptoMarkets/ (if you’re into that sort of thing) would do us good.


I agree with this. The branding/message/format hasn’t really been consistent or ideal so far.

We have Maidsafecoin, which obviously has Maidsafe in it. We have the Maidsafe Foundation, which transcends the Maidsafe company and the SAFENetwork. Yet /r/maidsafe is being proposed as a sort if Maidsafe company blog with everything else being pushed to /r/safenetwork, which has no brand awareness or substantial readership.

Moreover, every YouTube video or news article refers to everything as maidsafe. Like it or not, the 3 entities - the company, the foundation and the technology - are all referred to as maidsafe.

In many ways, this is great - it is a single word that SEO can easily pick up on as a unique string. Nothing else uses the same spelling, nor sounds similar in the space. SAFENetwork does not have the uniqueness and safe net isn’t even usable, due to conflicts with an existing brand.

My understanding is that maidsafe the company do not want to be seen as the only company in town working with the maidsafe foundation to deliver the network, hence the SAFENetwork name. However, surely renaming the company would make more sense, leaving the foundation and the community to use the maidsafe branding. The branding is far more important for the project than the company IMO and the company can associate itself easily with the project regardless of name.

Unless there are very deep pockets for marketing, trying to change what people call something is near impossible. Think about Snickers vs Marathon for those old enough in the UK! It is much easy to support and push on what has become known and established.

My advice would be to accept that Maidsafe is the umbrella name for the project, welcome that, then push on it and stop diluting the message with a second, less recognisable name. It will do the project, the foundation and the company most good in the long term.

(Posted on other thread too, but same dialogue for both threads).


Maidsafe is also the name of the foundation, which transcends both the company and the project. It is also the name of the project coin.

In addition, every time I write SAFENetwork to communicate with others, I have to write Maidsafe’s SAFENetwork, as SAFENetwork means nothing to anyone on its own. Then it looks like Maidsafe, the company, taking ownership anyway.

I don’t think anyone would argue that the message and branding has been good so far. We can’t afford to keep shooting ourselves in the foot with a weak and diluted message.


Exactly. So why discuss the SAFE netowork under the charity & company name.

Yes as you point out people know the network project at the moment by the company name. But if we are to get people to know it by its actual name and discuss it in its forum then we need to change over before too many more people get to know it by its wrong name.

So the effort should be to educate people in the /r/maidsafe that the place to be is the /r/safenetwork and then post everything about the safe network in the safenetwork forum.

The longer you leave it in the wrong name the harder it is to get the word out about the SAFE network. They will keep thinking its some sort of Maid hiring network.


At first I had a lot more messaging, but I deleted some of it, because I felt rushed reading it and didn’t want to make the video longer. I had to make a compromise. Emotion <-> Informative.

To be honest, as is, the whole messaging-thingy doesn’t really do it for me. I realised that after finishing it. One of the problems I have with it, is that it looks a bit simplistic. Though, text-wise I can change the video pretty easily, so if someone has a good suggestion which lines to change (or add) for what, I’m all ears.

Good thinking. I’m already trying to visualize it. Feel free to feed me some of your ideas. :+1:


The maidsafe foundation is the overall umbrella, so it makes sense to discuss general maidsafe stuff (projects, partner companies, tokens, etc) there. If it gets too noisy and the sub brands take a life of their own, then they will forge their own spaces.

My concern is not about it being tough in the future. My fear is that it will be impossible, as the project will have failed to pitch itself long before then and interest will have waned - we have already slipped off the radar to many. In business, you have to make the most of what you have now, then figure out how to restructure that success in the future. We are risking success for the sake of drawing boundary lines in the sand.

Finally, reddit is an open forum. You don’t get to dictate what goes where, unless you heavily moderate it (read: remove posts). Are maidsafe really prepared to do that and cope with the accusations of censorship and control, when their product is a distributed, autonomous, data network?

I understand the logic, but I cannot comprehend the motivation. It feels like we are actively nuterring efforts to reach the wider community.


100% 100% 100% 100%

I go through this all the time in Asia, and recently on my new website, and just all the time (the need to say “MaidSafe’s SAFE Network” just on a basic human level so anyone can actually know what you’re talking about).

People need to understand that the “community” driven and developed and maintained SAFE network is a long term goal, that can maybe be achieved at least a YEAR AFTER launch. There’s lots of things that need to happen for that dream to become even slightly real.

Until then, diluting is such a random and bad idea.

I promised I wouldn’t rant anymore but am glad someone understands it, from a marketing / initial brand growth perspective.


This guy gets it.

This guy understands business.

If you don’t have a brand, you don’t have anything. And why would you kill your own brand.

It won’t be hard to make “SAFE network” take hold, but WE HAVE TO REACH THAT POINT first. With poor / diluted marketing, we might have lots of trouble ever getting there…

Full speed ahead, try our best to succeed in the big harsh marketplace, and then once a huge community is there they will demand it to be called “SAFE” instead so it can be theirs (but that’s like 3-5 years away so don’t get carried away right now)

Nothing will make that hard in the future.

Gotta actually get somewhere first tho.


briliant work! thank you for it… do you accept donates?


Will I love you man but you’re coming off as a bit condescending, as if Rob and I can’t grasp where you’re coming from. We just disagree on the long term ramifications or that there could be any ramifications at all apparently. Either way people are going to likely continue posting to r/safenetwork and if you want to stress yourself out and spread yourself more thinly then double post on the r/Maidsafe but don’t forget to be a pal and throw in a link to r/safenetwork while you’re at it. All due respect man but don’t forget we’re all here wanting the same thing we may just disagree slightly on how to get there.


It’s just frustration over all these months going to reddit and seeing good posts with great potential dying in the random depths of r/safenetwork

I’m not mad at you or @neo personally but I’ll get this way against anyone who stands for this idea of dilution because it hinders this project that I care about

It’s so clear to me, and I’ve been frustrated about it for too long. Nothing personal. Just need this project to succeed


2017/12/29 14:40 GMT
r/safenetwork: 616 readers, 6 currently online
r/maidsafe: 4,417 readers, 1,632 currently online

mho: Conversion probably not going to happen. Too far gone already . . . unless someone can come up with a workable bounty program. Money (maidsafecoin) talks.

p.s. I would say the window of conversion possibility is rapidly closing, on an exponential scale.


Cant we just change the name of the r/maidsafe to incorporate safe network in the title.???


Don’t think you can do that. Maybe creating a “SAFE” or “safenet” subreddit under r/maidsafe would suffice?


Hmmm - we’re talking only about the factor of 8 or so on size

Converting later would be exponentially harder :wink: so if we want to make safenetwork the place to go we should do it rather sooner than later