Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



omni isn’t so bad but I think even though the keys are fully controlled people still feel funny about on-line wallets.


How much work would it be to customise an instance of to make a nice pretty MaidSafe one, hmm maybe with buttons for Shapeshift

Hmm… Maybe a good CEP?


Whatever pumps reddit and gets more people involved i’m down with really. I was just suggesting that from a purely cynical marketing perspective I’d want to get all that valuable content under other people’s noses. I don’t mind being heavy-handed if it gets the job done, but I guess others are more sensitive about their day-to-day experience and the atmosphere they perceive; I’m really just focused on the end-game for SAFE Network with my marketing hat on, I see the ‘community’ as a tool to that end, it’s not like it will last anyway. When SAFE launches millions will flock to everywhere SAFE and this place will be very different.

Anyway, I’m back home now, so for the next few weeks or months at least I’ll be on the r/threads trying to create more content. Peace and love dudes and dudettes :v:


Made a new video, click the logo below.

I’m not fully satisfied with how it turned out, but I felt like sharing it anyway. Hope you guys like it.

Protip: Turn up the volume. :wink:



Earth-shaking. Transformative. Is good.


That was amazing - loved it!


Can somebody stick it on here?


Just another alternative. Outsourcing the marketing but it comes at a cost.
2018 and Beyond: Tokens Are Slowly Eating the Firm via @CoinDesk


Some good stuff in there . The only downside for me is that there could have been a lot more messaging in the time gaps where there was no writing on screen.


If we don’t put it on the official Maidsafe Youtube channel maybe we can create a fan channel where fan stuff can go?


Sure do. Very emotive and sure to get the attention of others.


Geez your a talented one :wink:

Keep em comin :+1:

Hey, just a tiny idea that popped into my head, if you’ve got the stomach for it, in addition to nature throw in some of the recognisable authority figures from the last few years/decades that have left the world in the state we’re in and make the message about nature and humanity together erasing these people/ideals.

You know exactly how to bring emotion out in people it’s a very rare gift :hugs: give the ordinary folk these images/ideas to cling to and you’d be on a monster piece of marketing material for the average punter to be drawn to.

Awesome work mate keep it up :slight_smile:


Amazing work…

Cinematic. Am left feeling like there will be a full featured film released soon. Very “Transcendence” like.

…When is the full cinema release. :wink:

…Batman, good the bad and the ugly,… I’m sure I could feel out a few more movie styles in there. Great work.


Can we please officially murder r/safenetwork please??

It’s only hurting our project and outreach.

It divides our already weak reddit activity, and there’s really great content that pops up, and so it has a 50% chance of getting submitted to r/safenetwork instead, and getting absolutely no views as a direct result and being a huge waste

r/MaidSafe makes sense

People hear of MaidSafe (this one has 10x subs!!!). People buy MaidSafeCoin. MaidSafe is making it. There’s no other SAFE Pods who are helping develop the SAFE network yet. It’s all MaidSafe right now and for the foreseeable future. Naming a subreddit won’t change that and it is a very very harmful idea.

Please. We need marketing. Please delete / freeze r/safenetwork until SAFE launches, when there are other community pods making money from SAFE and can afford to staff people / have incentivised people who will run it. It is a good idea after launch but only seriously hurts us until then.

Please please please. Need to make the best choice here for marketing and community growth

this is really how reddit works best. Needs focus

@frabrunelle @SarahPentland @nicklambert etc


And they want to murder /r/maidsafe for the safe network discussions.

/r/maidsafe is for the company and not the project


Oh really?? Haha thx for explaining :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

But like it or not, that’s the name that stuck in the public eye so we need to adapt

But once SAFE launches and we have a thriving community, by all means. But doing it prematurely harms our project in a huge way and hinders our growth


@dewild you’re a badass. That video was epic, and that’s not a word I ever use.

@whiteoutmashups I get your point on the reddit but if r/maidsafe is so active perhaps we could link r/safenetwork and direct users to discuss the project and coin to there? By loading the r/safenetwork with valuable content like @mav ‘s safe architecture paper and @dewild ‘s videos, weekly update links, etc, then maybe we’ll attract more attention there.


That is the best plan. It has to be done sometime. So why not now when we are just at alpha 2. It’ll only get harder to do as the project heats up. And to think you can do it when the network is live is not clear thinking since you will have a lot more people then used to /r/maidsafe as being the place to talk the network.


that’s not the goal.

The goal is to have the biggest Reddit splash possible.

Can’t do that with a subdivided community

But after we become so crazily over-saturated with people, and have a 1,000x+ bigger community after LAUNCH then something like this begins to make sense

but 100% definitely not anytime before that point

it’s how reddit works. And any SMM honestly


But it is. It’s complicated by the company named subreddit having more followers but that isn’t what would really be healthy for the public view of the network. We need this to seem like it’s backed by a dedicated and competent team (Maidsafe) but not reliant on it, rather community driven hence the r/safenetwork. I don’t disagree with wanting to take advantage of the momentum but the transition will only be more painful later with more momentum. I think with joint effort we could coax existing subscribers of r/maidsafe and new users to r/safenetwork. Where there is a Will with a will, there is a way :wink: