Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



I agree with that we should be weary of the false assumption “build it and they will come”. In the history of business, there are many great companies with great innovation with great teams that didn’t go the distance they could’ve gone just because they were operating under that assumption. Maidsafe has the advantage that is building something complex, even perhaps the most complex in this space, which is advantageous when it comes to tech, but a disadvantage when it comes to marketing. As there is nothing you can compare to, nothing to piggyback on, and thus your left with the cost of building awareness. Like bitcoin when it first came out. I am sure litecoin had an easier time explaining itself. Many marketing departments around the world struggle to translate the innovation of the core team into marketing material when its a deep-tech projects. There are books about this specific subject. It is quite difficult. Our marketing should match the level of depth of the tech. Brief videos won’t cut it (still a positive, and should be continued). However, alongside that there should be more partnerships, more events, hackathons etc,. (Maidsafe could already be working on that, but I am just mentioning this in case). University partnerships would be great. Especially since they have many corporate partnerships as well. I am sure other universities would want to see and get into the decentralized internet space, just like MIT with their own decentralized internet project.

All in all, I think we all want to see Maidsafe successful, and we have a great unique diverse community here, and it will be a great loss not to welcome and build on the diversity of thoughts, approaches, ideas. Let’s build on the tension, instead of letting it negate each other’s thoughts.


The quality and range of the debate on this forum (which is independent, by the way, and not run by MaidSafe so not theirs to close) was the first thing that persuaded me that this project might be onto something. For me and I’d guess many others too it’s definitely a USP and it would be crazy to kill the golden goose. Reddit is not conducive to the sort of long-form threads and debates that work so well here, and creating categories and structure is a pain, so I can’t see how freezing this forum and migrating it to Reddit would work at all, however much this place can sometimes feel a little closed off.

What I do think is needed is a co-ordinated effort to funnel people here from places like Reddit which have more traffic and higher search engine placements, by pinning links, cross-posting threads, reframing arguments to better suit the platform, replicating content etc - the sort of things that happen now but in an ad-hoc kind of way. I suspect this is high on Sarah and Dug’s to-do lists. There should also be a focus on welcoming new members from whichever line of interest (infosec, privacy, crypto, tech) happens to bring them here.

I think that the newer projects get a lot of the attention they do simply because they are new and the crypto crowd are waiting for the inevitable pump and hype, but in most cases it’s pure speculation. I’d be wary of going all-in on attracting speculators as it could easily backfire when the next shiny thing comes along or if things fail to arrive when planned. Attracting new devs is another matter and I think we could be doing much better there.


@jabba old friend. As I said we are talking at cross purposes. I’m not feeling defensive, but I will explain.

Each time I’ve said ‘this community’ you’ve responded as if I said ‘the SAFEnetwork community’. But I mean the community of this forum, which is the subject of your suggestion (to close this forum).

So I don’t think I’m putting words in your mouth. I think you are just not understanding what I’ve said, which is evident in several places as I said earlier.


This is an interesting Twitter thread. @happybeing seems to have managed to pique Brendan Eich’s (Brave Browser, formerly Mozilla) interest…


I would have to respectfully disagree. Reddit may be fine for some, but this is one of the best forum platforms I’ve come across. From my perspective, this forum is very accessible, I can’t stand to even look at a nonsensical Reddit thread by comparison to the clean format presented here. I’m a new member, just came on board. It wasn’t the fancy marketing that made me want to get involved with the project, although it helped give some overview. Rather, it was this forum, the github repo, the white papers, and the online presentations/interviews with Mr. Irving and other MaidSafe folks that I found on youtube.

I think some have suggested to just have both. I would agree this is more in line with the SAFE philosophy too. You don’t need to sacrifice one thing for another, just have it all. Let the user decide right?




Well, we have had both for ages and the problem persists.

My “spit balling suggestion” (not an “attempt to convince the community to disband”?!?!?) was in response to Sarah and Traktion’s good points. Reddit is dead and it would be better if there was a lot of activity on there. I don’t see how this community migrates much activity without cutting off the habit we’ve developed for coming here personally.

Meh, I was surprised anyone was keen on the idea tbh. I suspected many people would be defensive of the thing they enjoy (their home) and that bias would make it hard to get the point through, so I should not be surprised that that’s what happened.

From a marketing perspective I think it would do much more good than harm for SAFE, but obviously I’m just one guy and one opinion. All I’ll say is that my money is on Reddit and other more public sources staying dead and sending a poor marketing message until post launch. I’ve been posting here for over 2 years because I have met some cool folks here and I wanted to contribute to the project by helping add more content (an obvious thing to do for a motor mouth like me). My best play here is pretty simple I guess. I’ll migrate to reddit when I get home tomorrow and try to do more good there than I can by just adding to the echo chamber here. I suspect it’ll just be myself and one or two others, but perhaps between us we can make this project look a little less dead to the outside world. It’s a shame not to have more technical and high brow discussions than I can provide though… hopefully riddim or someone more technically literate will join me and post a few more detailed technical discussions for folks to stumble across too.


My feeling is that until vaults-at-home are available for testing again there won’t be enough pizzazz in the project to attract a fair amount of newbies. So, maybe the concentrated effort to expand interest in SAFE should wait until then. Many people are not interested in or have the patience for a project they view as primarily a work-in-progress. Will be hard to gain “traction” before vaults.


You probably will do a lot of good and generate some marketing buzz. I was in no way criticizing the idea to use Reddit, I know it is a very popular site where topics can often go viral. I was just pointing out that different people prefer different platforms. Perhaps one way to look at it is to see Reddit as a gateway for casual technophobes or technophiles to get introduced to SAFE. There you introduce the buzz words and basic ideas to get people excited, push them to different blog articles and videos, then send them here for more info and conversation. After spending some time here, they may want to take part in developing apps and join the dev forum. Basically, a three layered approach. Like I said, I’m new and unaware of all that has gone on before so maybe this was the original plan too. However, if there hasn’t been anyone focusing on the Reddit development until now (you) then you will probably make some good progress if you focus your energy on it. For example, I would have never heard about SAFE if it hadn’t been mentioned briefly in a youtube video. Everyone enters the project through a different portal…


Lets all post at least one reply/ post on reddit now


That went smooth: - Should we move the discussions to a more “organised” forum?

- I really like which is a modern and open source discussion platform, from some of the people (or maybe just one?) that started looks very interesting, and I too trust the Stackexchange guys to produce something better than the status quo. It is relatively new, so there’s a risk but hey, let’s give it a try, we’ll soon know if its not great.

- There is now a Discourse forum for you all to try out at Consider it a test, if people like it, we’ll improve it as time goes by.

goindeep - MaidSafe - If we can find out where most people heard about it, we can leverage that and create a fire hydrant effect.

unknown 5
article (techcrunch) 4
forum (bitcointalk) 3
article (coindesk) 2
article (freedoms phoenix) 2
exchange (polo) 2
local meetup 2
social network (diaspora) 2
stumbleupon (futurism) 2
article (bitcoin related) 1
article (gizmodo) 1
article (hacker news) 1
article comment (tweakers) 1
article comment (unknown) 1
forum (storj) 1
google alerts (bitcoin word) 1
messaging (toc chat) 1
podcast (ernie hancock-freedoms phoenix)  1
podcast (ltb network) 1
podcast (safe crossroads) 1
reddit (r australia) 1
reddit (r ethereum) 1
reddit (r futurology) 1
social network (friendica) 1
video - ted (jamie bartlett) 1
video - vimeo (pursuit fp7) 1
video - youtube 1
video - youtube (kaiser report) 1
video - youtube (maidsafe) 1
video - youtube (world crypto network) 1


Mine was the 2014 LTB YouTube interview with David


I’m trying to do my bit on there too and have been more and more so over recent weeks.


We will not launch before everyone agrees it is beneficial to the project, but at least we will be preparing for that day

Has this been decided or is there an indication when this will be decided?


We’ve had both, but the Reddit has not been prioritised as a resource to engage a wider community. Closing this forum isn’t required to begin utilising reddit to a greater degree.

I agree that more quality content and debate on Reddit would be good for the project, and I like the radical thinking. But I think a sensible first step would be to promote engagement of forum members with the subreddits, and to discuss how to maximise impact through reddit.

The quality of interaction here means we could have a new thread focusing on coordinating the community’s use of reddit to maximise the impact that can be had through it.

As some have pointed out, reddit is different, and the depth of community that this forum format has enabled should certainly not be thrown out. It couldn’t simply be replicated on Reddit while maintaining the positive dynamics that have developed.

If after some months subreddits were to become far more popular than here & the community prefers it, then any shift can occur organically without any central decision to close this forum.

So I agree that reddit is underutilised by this community, and effort should be made to engage through it. Let’s focus on doing that, and that can happen without any requirement of closing this forum.


  • create a thread on this forum to discuss how to maximise marketing impact by using Reddit
  • have regular updates on this forum to highlight activity on reddit to encourage people to engage on Reddit (via a wiki thread?)
  • put regular updates on reddit to highlight popular forum activity

How do people think Reddit impact could be maximised?


Bearing in mind that /r/maidsafe is to be closed with users redirected to /r/safenetwork, I think creating a thread here to discuss the best way forward when that happens is a great idea. Then when it happens we’ll be ready to leap into action.


Closed? I hadn’t read this before.

I strongly think this is a bad idea. /r/maidsafe has forged a decent readership, which /r/safenetwork has not. Deciding to abandon this, rather than leveraging it would see like an exercise in foot shooting.

If Maidsafe and SAFENetwork become so differentiated that the dialogue needs to be split, it should be done then. Right now, people don’t care what the difference is - they just want to talk about the network maidsafe is working on. I doubt most people even know it is called SAFENetwork.


Ignore that, I don’t think it was a solid plan, just a suggestion. I can’t find any reference to it.


It was background discussions where Maidsafe wanted talk about the network to be on the safenetwork one rather than on the company’s Maidsafe. As we move forward the focus should be on the network since the company will change focus a little once the network is live.

@Jabba, Would it not be better to keep both so we do not lose what w have here. But start afresh with the safenetwork one on reddit and use the move from the maidsafe one as motivation for others to use reddit a lot more. As the members increase there will certainly be enough people for both forums to thrive.


Hey, everyone … wouldn´t this be a good time for Maidsafe to have an easy kind of wallet, like on Shapeshift ,so people would be able to buy and stock their coins fast ? I keep telling people to buy MS, but I get stuck when telling them how MS works! These times when specialists are advising people to diversify , a wallet would be a great help…