Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



If it’s r/MAID it’s not about this project, but promoting a temporary token, presumably to pump the price.

By all means go off and do that if that’s where you want to focus, but if your focus is on the SAFEnetwork I don’t see how that is a reason for closing the forum for the reasons I’ve explained.

Small point: nobody realistically expects MaidSafe to close this forum do they? So I assume you’d need to have a vote from a large majority here of Trust level X members.


Juts spit-balling with my marketing hat on. Content is precious. I was a content whore for quite a while and I see the stuff in this community as a gold mine from a marketing perspective. It is all still underground though and it needs to be exposed to realise its true value.

Can’t speak for anyone else but basically yes. If this forum was locked then I would log in to r/MAID every day as I do here. I want to talk about SAFE and learn fro the folks here. I’d do the same wherever the conversations were happening.

I’m not sure it shows anyone anything because no one sees it. It’s an echo chamber really where we all get on and mostly agree. It’s a lovely place to come, but if I were responsible for marketing maidsafe I would see it as a huge negative to have a clique forum out of the mainstream dialogue and not under the noses of people who need to see it.

Well yes, it is certainly an unproven assumption, but I don’t think it makes it any less valuable. I’m curious to hear what you think would happen if it were closed. Are you suggesting you think it is more likely the community simply dies and no one posts anywhere? That seems less liekly to me than another piece of software fills the gap. There is nothing special about discourse, it is the people who make this forum, people can move with very little effort or change to their daily habits.

Well, this is marketing thread, so I’m focused on marketing rather than speculation as such. The point is to get the word out. It has huge value to do that. Speculation is important though and I disagree with any snobbishness about it. If MAID were $10 right now I’d happily chuck huge money at side projects and I’m sure there are many other holders here who would do the same. I think it’s naive to pretend that money and speculation don’t matter, particularly at this stage and in this environment. How do you think it could damage the project exactly?

I’m afraid that’s what we’ve been doing by burying our head in the sand… shooting ourselves in the foot by losing sight of the bigger picture. I guess it’s just a matter of personal perspective.

I’m interested in this project and the people on this forum. I don’t give a hoot about discourse.


Well, If I were in Sarah or Doug’s position then that’s what I’d be pitching. It would probably make their lives a lot easier. Thankfully not my call or decision though. :wink:


Replication bot? Both ways? Create zoki_{somesuitablesuffix} for each user, crawl and replicate posts on a subreddit. The reverse would be tricky and probably not a good idea. But replication would at leaset create a viewing area of “live chat”

Also… when the time comes, can we all fly over to Geneva and sign up as clients? :slight_smile:


Just to be very clear here. I am sensibly diversified and have been for a long time. I’d love to see MAID boom but I’m not that frustrated by the lack of action because there is plenty elsewhere (money is not top of my list of worries/concerns after this crazy crypto boom :slight_smile: ). This proposal has nothing to do with speculative frustration or greed. I am being cold and cynical with my marketing hat on. This project would benefit massively from exposure and a big price rise. Money and interest walk hand in hand. I’ve seen it over and over in other projects.


Hmm maybe it would be enough to post reddit topics in the forum to trigger responses :thinking:


I’m not so confident with the idea of deleting this forum. I agree that the community on Reddit is important and should be improved, but on the other hand it is a different context where you can promote this project. I’ll try to explain 2 reasons:

• If you want to improve an idea you don’t need to delete the other one.

I think this forum is strong for the type of communication that has established between members over the time.
This type of communication is different from the one that Reddit’s users can have as people interact differently. That’s why I think that one communication platform can complete the other one.

• Realise that every project has a Reddit page where to promote themselves but nobody has an external forum so successful and deeply informed as Safe Network.
My opinion is to try to improve the other ways to communicate in order to reach different type of users: Reddit, Twitter…
But let’s keep our forum as a treasure!


You can also see, keeping this forum combined with enough visibility on other places, as a good practice for when the forum will be moved to the Safe Network. Eating you own dog food…


Moving a touch away from the topic briefly I’m interested in seeing your thought process on this one Jabba. I see some interesting points you’ve raised through this thread, ones that are important and need to be discussed even though I wrongly or rightly disagree with some of them.

I’m coming from a similar position as you where the returns on this project will be nice but maybe that specific outcome doesn’t weigh as heavily on me as it otherwise would thanks to the boom of the last few years.

The nature of this project (specifically the security needs it will require and the very services it will eventually provide) don’t benefit greatly in the short term by a bunch of cash being thrown at it. (Ducking the tomatoes coming my way :wink: )

It’s an interesting take making the comparison (as some do) to other crypto projects and how their trail should be followed in garnering awareness. This is I guess where I seperate from most others and realise SAFE may pop up on coin market cap and be aligned with the crypto crowd but the second the network is live it begins detaching itself from crypto and becomes its own beast.

I certainly see your point being true if comparing another block chain project against another but it’s not the case with SAFE now is it. The only thing that really matters is bringing this thing to life, securing it and letting the world log on.

Interest before then is great but honestly how many speculators are going to log onto the network and run a node? Farmers will for sure but most crypto speculators/investors will just look at their balance in their altfolio and smile :grinning:

As much as it would be cool to have people piling into the project I would argue just now isn’t the time for that just yet. The real value is this network being operational, whether the crypto crowd wants to throw money at it before the latter stages meh well its up to them really, more harm than good maybe for now comes from that? Although mate I see the opposite argument holding some ground as well I’m not blind in that respect.

SAFE is very much like your own kids, you watch it, carefully help it navigate through its early stages, provide it the care and assistance you can, give it the tools it needs to survive and when it decides its ready it will go out and face the big bad world. I guess that’s the distinction here most of us battle with, money is great but change is well a whole lot better :slight_smile: :sunny:


I think you’ve misrepresented what I said in several places, but I’ll trust that people will have read what I actually said rather than how you have answered different points and just respond to the specific questions you asked of me.

By definition, killing this forum kills this community. Obviously I’m not saying that the result of that will be that “no-one posts anywhere” and I think it’s pretty clear that what I am saying is that, not everyone will go from here and start posting on Reddit or necessarily some else. You and I probably would (I do already, including frequently on Reddit, and both my Twitter accounts - chatting to influencers regularly). But many will not, there’s a bell curve here, and I’m suggesting that killing the forum will, overall, do more damage than good, and that those who want to post elsewhere probably already do.

That’s not to say we can’t build community or influence on other platforms - I’m keen to help do that and to work with MaidSafe on this, and I think this forum is something that can help that rather than hinders it, but I’m interested to hear any arguments against that as always.

Many ways, I’m a bit surprised you want me to spell this out. I’ve answered by implication already anyway, so I’m just going to leave your question here because it doesn’t seem serious to me and it’s late. Spit balling is fine, but wasting people’s time, which this question seems to be, isn’t.

I’ve said what I wanted to and you’ve really not attempted to justify your expectations.


Just have both.

They serve different purposes.


Happy to share bro :wink:

Just to be perfectly clear, I am not making the assertion that any marketing will help core get ‘there’ any faster (it might even slow them down by distraction). My contention is purely that marketing and awareness will help the project with a lot of adoption and side projects, as might industry partnerships and other interesting things that will help SAFE develop a wide base of interested holders, enthusiasts and crypto-community integration. I think we are worse off for existing in isolation than we would be if we were more connected.

Absolutely, but SAFE’s success and resilience/security ultimately depends on the size of its user-base. I agree that post launch SAFE should attract users because it is useful, but if very few people know about it then it will be vulnerable for longer and it will be less interesting as fewer projects will have been built on it. Although SAFE doesn’t really have any direct competition yet I don’t think it does us any favours to be too complacent or make assumptions about adoption from a zero starting point. It feels to me like a wasted opportunity to see so much content wasted by being tucked on this forum (from a marketing pov).

Well, if SAFE works then it will be attacked by a lot of threatened interests imo - both from within crypto and institutional players. It will also take time for word of mouth to spread, but that’s a challenge we could be solving now instead of just hoping to see it solved organically the second it is launched. We could also be getting further ahead on the all the SAFE tubes and SAFE twitter versions etc that would give people more reasons to use it when it launches and help it grow faster.

Well, the thread is dedicated to marketing so I was working under the assumption that MaidSafe wants more marketing and sees the value in it. I do agree completely that SAFE should work without marketing because the utility and uniqueness of it give it a huge edge, but I also think side projects and a big user base at launch give it a much better chance of survival/success. I don’t think we can be too complacent about the ‘competition’. Something like hashgraph might be more hot air than substance (being closed source makes it hard to judge), but there are certainly other ways to scale and create a decentralised net. I would hate to see a worse solution succeed simply because it had much more traction than the better solution and offered enough feature cross over that the truly empowering features on SAFE were lost to the world. I’m yet to find a project that I am convinced by, but that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned that SAFE existing in a vacuum might set it at a disadvantage to another decentralised web project. We all carry a lot of bias and I’m conscious of the fact that we could be wrong to dismiss the potential of other innovators to displace a better solution (assuming that we’re right and SAFE really is the best possible solution.

When IOTA had its first big boom we went from having 5 or 6 of us on slack to having hundreds in the space of a few days. Within that noise the majority were morons with no idea what they were investing in. However it also went from having two side projects to half a dozen within the week. For every cohort of speculators there were a handful more developers and industry folks who connected the project to other things and gave it more credibility. The second time it pumped things went even more crazy, but sure enough, from out the mess came a dozen more projects and partnerships that led to everyone and their dog becoming aware of IOTA and it spiralled into the final pump and major partnership they have today. I’d say those partnership and new developers make their project much stronger and more likely to get somewhere myself, but I guess that’s not a given. I’m not a technological maximalist though. Worse solutions do beat out better tech sometimes.

Growth has a snowballing effect essentially. I guess that’s the main thrust of why I think marketing pre launch is valuable, which is I guess what you are asking here really.

Ha, I like the analogy. I would not want my kids going out into the world without any social capital to draw from. I would expect that to make their lives much harder. It is much easier to achieve great things if you are more connected and less isolated. Money is just money, it’s a tool, nothing more. Social capital is far more precious and valuable really, but sadly the two things are also related, since money/interest do garner more social capital. Rich people tend to have successful kids because they send them to posh schools where they meet other rich and connected people and they have a lot of social capital to draw on. Of course really smart people make it with no help, but I’d rather SAFE had the core strength and the social assistance to help make its success that bit more likely.

I hope that makes my pov a bit clearer. I’m not saying SAFE needs marketing to succeed. I am saying that marketing generally helps with success though. And I am also not saying we should disband the community. I was simply making the suggestion that discourse is not the place to gather your community if you want to take advantage of social capital because no one really knows about this place. I do personally think we would all just post as normal and the community would stay pretty much the same if we all moved to reddit. We’d just have more newcomers in our conversations… which from a marketing perspective is a good thing.


True, neo. There are certain advantages to not being lumped together with coins and projects in the blockchain ecosystem, which is primarily what Reddit is. Safe Network is and, will be, unique. No reason to chip into SAFE’s well-earned identity by downplaying its uniqueness, even if it is a subtle effect.


Ah, well I disagree with this so I guess I can see where you are coming from if that is your opinion.

I am simply advocating using reddit instead of discourse. I do not think that kills the community ‘by definition’ since this community is not defined by discourse but rather by the people using it.

Really? I disagree with this and I’m not sure you can so certain about it. I guess the only way to know would be to test it, but my guess is that you would lose a few % at worst and gain a great deal more most likely (I’d be surprised if we lost m/any quality content creators from here tbh, do you really think people like discourse that much?).

I thought I was pretty clear about why I disagree with you here? It creates a clique and locks valuable content away that would otherwise be under the noses of the crypto community at large. I’d be interesting to hear how you think it helps to have a clique forum that exist in relative isolation helps with marketing?

Gosh it really is a genuine question and I don’t feel you’ve answered it at all?! :confused: As I said, I don’t want to kill the community, I would just rather we used reddit than discourse. I still don’t see how using reddit damages the SAFE project or the community. To me that looks like a very positive move for both the project and the community.


We’re talking at cross purposes but I don’t think this is worth my time to clarify. I’ll come back if it looks like gaining any concensus, but at this point it looks like you’ve failed to make a convincing case to the community which you would have to convince to disband itself.


Jeepers, you are defensive and putting words in my mouth aren’t you?

I do not want to disband the community. I would like to see the community ported to another piece of forum software. Why do you think that is destroying the community ‘by definition’ as you put it? This community is certainly not defined by discourse (imo).

Anyway, it’s clearly going to be hard to have constructive discussion with you about it, so probably best if I just stop replying.

I think I’ll just walk the walk rather than talking the talk :wink:


My own 2 cents worth is that broad based marketing to the crypto world is only necessary once we have a secure system. Hopefully there are enough devs on board and they are spreading the word.


I am for running both. I rarely use reddit and see it more as the “look at this new thing” or “ask a question” and less one for development and bouncing around new ideas for say APPs etc. Also does reddit even cultivate a community vibe and I am not talking of a community of fanboys/girls.

Also reddit seems to me to attract the hit-n-run posters which does not help cultivate a community which has been one of the things that has helped support this project. Doesn’t mean there won’t be a community there, but we would not have the one we’ve got today without this forum. (my opinion obviously)

To me reddit has it place in the scheme of things and this forum (whether discourse or other s/w) has its place with plenty of overlap.


Who said anything about deleting this forum??

This is my home!! Don’t make me homeless again :stuck_out_tongue:


Maidsafe is developing an excellent product. I feel the key is adoption. The more people adopt the technology the faster it will grow. The community engagement program is excellent.

If we see the target of the communication here: we have two. 1. the developers and the community, and 2. the people (there should be focus on converting this population into 1.)

We should have a plan to target the community but equally if not more important we should have a plan to target the general population to want to use the Safe Network. I feel the latter gets less focus. I may be wrong in saying this so i do apologise in advance.

I feel and hope 2018 could be an exciting and interesting journey for Maidsafe. I am glad to be part of this journey. It would be nice to see Safe rock the world.