Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



The challenge maidsafe/SAFENetwork is up against:


I was checking subscribers vs online on reddit too:

/r/ethereum - 224,619 subs, 4900 online
/r/bitcoin - 593,778 subs, 13,431 online
/r/substratumnetwork - 5,867 subs, 246 online
/r/siacoin - 21,505 subs, 1,875 online
/r/storj - 5,094 subs, 1,576 online
/r/maidsafe - 4,358 subs, 1,609 online
/r/safenetwork - 592 subs, 6 online

Some things strike me about the above:

  1. Maidsafe has highly active users subscribed, who are often online.
  2. Safenetwork is dead, especially for online users.
  3. Some tech which had been around for a lot less time have more users.

My advise is to dump /r/safenetwork as it is splitting an already weak brand and people have a hard enough time even knowing about maidsafe. Moreover, most people know the tech as maidsafe anyway. Differentiation can come later when important.

We should also be making more use of /r/maidsafe as it has a high regular readership and it is something to build on.


I can’t highlight more the fact that reddit offers worldwide visibility.

I wrote a post yesterday which was already viewed more than 17’300 times.

So many things happen on reddit guys ! And we are not around :tired_face:
That’s exactly why I created this thread in the first place.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t mention MAID in this thread.
I did offer my help in the past which was politely turned down at Maidsafe.

Maid will succeed in the end, thanks to the tech.
It will succeed even though we don’t have a CFO or an actual marketing strategy.

I remain a strong supporter of this project.


I think we are quite unique having such an active independent forum. The down side of this is that the community is a little isolated and doesn’t share the same space as many of its peers.

I agree that Reddit is where word gets out though. I think LinkedIn can Ben valueable for reaching serious business contacts, but Reddit is very much a public shop window for many a project. The more we cross link, the better. The more we contribute and comment there, the even better.

IMO, trying to pitch SAFENetwork and Maidsafe is too much too. I understand the desire to differtiate, but it reminds me of trying to pitch a brand and a company, when not even the company is well known. Splitting the budget (money and personnel) probably isn’t a good idea.


Useful stats.

I don’t see the low readership of both Reddits as an argument to choose the slightly larger one at the cost of confusing the brand.

IMO it’s an opportunity to get the brand focused around SAFEnetwork and build that, on Reddit and elsewhere.


/r/maidsafe has a 3rd of the online readership as ethereum. I have noticed that the figure has been floating around 2k for a while too, so I don’t think it was just timing. IMO, that is something which can be built on.

Just my opinion ofc, but most people just think maidsafe is SAFENetwork and haven’t really heard of it as anything else. It just seems like an up hill battle to combat that, which isn’t really needed until the project is past launch and successful.


I can understand the number of views. I did find your post very interesting :+1:


Even though I enjoy this forum I’m going to go ahead and make the outrageous suggestion that from a marketing perspective it is a dead weight. We are a clique and we need to be more accessible. I would be all for closing the forum completely and forcing all of us to migrate over to reddit, BCT forums and slack/telegram etc. We are all too comfortable here and we all enjoy it too much. Folks here might start posting a bit on reddit, but that’s no substitute for getting the huge volume of excellent content on here exposed to the crypto community - most of whom will never look at safenetforum.

I can see why we benefit from a small dev forum with less of the ‘crypto-investor’ crowd, but I think we waste a huge amount of value by hiding content away on here where only we ever see it.

/takes cover and prepares to be assaulted by defensive and angry forumites :wink:


100% agree James.
We should just leave the dev forum where it is, but create r/MAID and move there. and close the forum all together. I mean keep an archive but do not allow new threads.


Interesting suggestion! :rofl:

I see where you are coming from though. At the very least, effort should be made to cross post links. At least that shows people where the debate is.


I wouldn’t close the forum but I guess more of us need to be there on other channels and promoting the safe network =D


I’d keep an archive of the forum or port the content to somewhere more public and obvious, but if you give people the option to stick within their comfort zone and habit then they usually do. I do love this forum and community, but as crypto has grown it has become more and more of a problem imo.


You’re right but without the forum I wouldn’t know roughly how the topics where called for which I look if someone asks me something :thinking:

So it would need to be pretty easy to find all this information in the forum again


100% agree with that.


Deal done.

You want to start the official obituary thread ?
Lol I can already feel the heat


Yo! Let’s move to reddit xD

I don’t care on which platform we discuss


Ha, well if others agree i’ll happily get the ball rolling and make this my last post here…I just hope I don’t end up listening to my own echo all day :wink: (much as i love the sound of my own voice) but is it r/maidsafe, r/safenetwork or r/MAID? I’m inclined to r/MAID for clarity… if this is a pure marketing decision?


It’s an interesting idea, but why? Do you really think killing the forum will cause all those who hang out here because it is what it is, to take this to the other places? I don’t expect that would be the result, so I think you need to justify that, or what you think the actual effect will be.

Also, why kill off something that is very successful, and which shows how different the SAFE network and it’s community are from every other project?

An alternative is to find other ways to build community in the places you think would help, and I think that’s part of what Sarah, Dug and Nick will be working on right now, well after Xmas :slight_smile:. So I’m interested to hear their aims and plans to achieve them. And instead off killing off some of the strongest parts of this project, I suggest we can capitalise on them in ways we have not so far.

Closing the forum in the hope that the community will then go off elsewhere and effectively spread the word is I suggest: 1) an act of undeniable self harm which you hope will be more than compensated for by 2) an unproven and IMO unlikely assumption.

It seems also to pander to the speculative element here, when the project and community is much much more than that, and the forum is the place where we get to learn about that, and to explore what that can be etc. So my initial thought is that it would be damaging to the project even if it succeeds in reaching a wider audience.

I don’t see this as @jabba’s motivation. I know he has a (legitimate) focus on investment returns, but also that like most of us he believes in the project’s benefits to the E (everyone) in SAFE. It just seems like this proposal risks us getting caught up in the price speculation as it is heating up at the moment. I’m excited too, and I don’t want us to shoot ourselves in the foot by losing sight of the bigger picture or the long term goals that are what keeps most of us interested in working to make this project a success.


That’s the best marketing move ever we could do short term as a community.
It’s genius.

Porting a whole existing community on reddit has never been done before. I can see how it would build momentum.


Does a discourse reddit bridge exist? Oo

Technically we’d only need a bot that cross posts everything on the reddit side and back - don’t we…?

Oh hmhmm the structure is a little bit different I guess…
Not that easy to identify answers and make the correct relations

Ps: seems like there could made a connection between slack and reddit
At least for letting people know what’s going on on reddit and let people know they could help out there

Ps: and since slack is connected to telegram and matrix it would reach pretty many people in a timely manner