Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



We are looking to move quickly though, all be it in a considered way.

This is a journey for sure, but I believe it will become much easier to get our message and perspective across as the network rolls out, as concepts become features. Our focus will be very much on investing in our content, meaning that we are creating material that has some degree of longevity, is useful and can be shared by others. I personally feel less inclined toward things like advertising (PPC, banner ads…etc…) as they are transactional - gone as soon as you stop paying, and while they have their place are not appropriate at our stage IMO. Our call to action also needs to be carefully thought about, so once we have peoples attention what do we want them to do - download and run the alpha, engage in community discussions, become advocates, buy maidsafecoin…all of the the above :).

So lots to think about and we look forward to getting whoever is game involved.


People come and people go. With the rate of this community growing these days, the potential loss of one or two people motivated enough to help now (in whatever way possible) might very well be replaced by six or seven of them in the same week. I believe the truly motivated will stick around though…


I strongly agree with this.

IMO, just seeding news and blog posts, linking related news, starting discussion on key topics, letting people know there is progress, etc, are all key.

In short, I’d like to be seeing and hearing much more in general about the Safe Net. I am subscribed to daily google updates when maidsafe is mentioned and I get close to zero emails. I got one yesterday from some obscure crypto ranking site, illustrating that maidsafe is losing influence (based on whatever metric they peddle). Last week I received an alert (again, pretty much the only one) highlighting how the crowd fund went badly (I posted about it here too already). This lack of any news, compounded with occasional bad news, just looks like decay, rather than optimism.

I’m not suggesting that any news is good news, but we need to be making the most of the good news that there is. My google alerts didn’t pick up on the excellent recent blog posts by David Irvine, for example. I saw them linked via LinkedIn, but google seemed oblivious. How we link this data (to reddit, to this forum, to online crypto magazines, to facebook, etc) is really important - a constant trickle of interesting content from the regular channels fills the vacuum and/or overwhelms the negativity.

There is just so much to like about this project, but I just don’t think that many people understand it. Even if they do, they don’t hear enough about it. Then they conclude it is some old, obscure blockchain project, that had funding issues, has taken too long and still has no delivery date. It is easy to have empathy for their position too, as not everyone has as much time to research, is technical enough to understand or is an independent thinker.

So, for me, it is not about big glitzy advertising campaigns. It is about a drip feed of interesting stuff which shows why the network is needed (how it gels with other tech, how consumers will benefit, etc), how well it is progressing, some insight into the team and how great they are (as we know!), what side/similar interests to the team/projects, etc. There is just so much good stuff to talk about and much of it already is - it just isn’t accessible enough to those who would benefit from seeing it.

EDIT: To add, there is a community responsibility here too and the moderators and loyal folk do great good. However, I think this is a raw team which needs some direction from Maidsafe. As others have said, everyone going off in different tangents at different times doesn’t make the most of peoples’ time and skill.


@nicklambert do you think it would absurd for you to speak at Burning Man Festival? I feel like there is a whole culture there that would be potential users and developers. There are all sorts of developers from Silicon Valley that go there, old hippies who have ideals that align with SAFE, scientists, adult film stars that would see the value in easily publishing and monetizing their self produced content, young people that have their fingers on the pulse of what’s up and coming. I think it’s a match.
Also SXSW music festival is a popular one, that all walks go to including, of course, musicians (who would obviously get the publication and monetization), as well as comedians (of which constantly mention the dark web and bitcoin in acts and podcasts), bitcoin has booths there. I’d like to see these kinds of efforts from Maidsafe hopefully next year if launched or close enough to make a case for usage for these groups.


I agree festivals are a great crowd to target, Glasto too.
I volunteer to be the fling merch into the crowd guy :sunglasses:


Not absurd at all @Nigel, although I would need to look into how you get on the speakers list (it varies from event to event) and consider what we could take away from each event, costs for getting there, audience…etc… I think it is good to build awareness, but always good to have a call to action for each - so now I have your attention what can you do on the network.


I see your point with the targeted message, especially in a sea of different demographics. It is more difficult to convey such a broad message to all. What’s important to me is that it empowers all internet users regardless of trade. You can fold proteins (after compute), you can publish your own website and monetize content in just minutes, you can earn revenue without ads, and app security and availability are simply a cinch. I might just throw up a sign that says “Ask me how the SAFE Network can help.” Although @Zoki and @JPL have been coming up with some really eye catching phrases :smile:

Maidsafe marketing team

How many people responding here have a Reddit account? If you don’t have one I’d suggest you get one and start help upvoting postings by @SarahPentland.


Yeah, I am going to register and help where I can :slight_smile:


How many people went to Reddit? :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: Just one more example of why we need The SAFE Network!


Let me know how I can help

This was my main account:

And this is the one I’ve been building the WhiteOutMashups brand with :slight_smile:

I’ll always repost everything on every social media.
Am active on pretty much all


Thanks all! Would be great to see more activity on the SAFE Network reddit!


I came across a new term recently, referring to cyber attacks that effect the physical dimension, such as power stations and critical infrastructure, medical devices, autonomous vehicles and the like: 'cyber-kinetic attack’. It’s a topic and a use-case for SAFE that has been discussed here and in @dirvine’s blog, but I haven’t come across a label for the problem before. I like this term, it’s short and descriptive and it hasn’t been done to death (yet). I feel it could be useful for future marketing materials. Use it in a headline or two (‘The emerging problem of cyber-kinetic attacks and how to defeat them’) and see if it flies.

This article describes the problems of securing the IoT agains cyber-kinetic attacks and industrial systems in general, and the differences between traditional cyber security and what’s needed in the new age.

Past cybersecurity attention focused primarily on three aspects: maintaining data confidentiality, integrity and availability, with the strongest focus on confidentiality. Connecting devices that control aspects of our physical world to cyberspace requires that greater focus land on integrity and availability.

When dealing with systems that affect our physical world, keeping outsiders from discovering what data these devices are processing is far less important than keeping outsiders from changing the data to make the system err in what it does or, even more important, keeping outsiders from blocking data so the system completely fails to provide its essential services.

Connecting critical physical systems also adds more elements to this traditional three-element paradigm of security concerns. Control of the system is not an issue when it comes to traditional information systems. Outsiders gain no benefit from wrestling control of the system away from its administrators. Leaving vulnerabilities that allow outsiders to take control of a connected vehicle or an implanted medical device, on the other hand, could be fatal.

Similarly, with a traditional information system, the introduction of fake data may be a minor inconvenience to the authorized users. But fake information that says that the water pressure on a dam is much less than it really is could cause the system not to take the proper action, putting the dam at risk of collapse.

Finally, with a traditional information system, no risks ensue from installing security protocols that create delays for authorized users in gaining system access. When dealing with security for a remote device to which a medical professional needs quick access in a medical emergency, though, creating a workable balance between security against unauthorized users and ease of access for authorized ones can be a matter of life or death.


We have a maidsafe and safenetwork subreddits. I have been reposting more stuff to maidsafe sub, but we be good to concentrate in one place. Which is best?


The safenetwork subreddit is best.


It is also less subscribed and read.

Edit: Also, people know this project as maidsafe. I know the company maidsafe felt it should put a distance between the open source project and the company producing it, but to the layman, it is just maidsafe.



We would like to encourage as many people as possible to move onto the SAFE sub. We want to focus on the network rather than the company and are working on moving people away from /r/maidsafe


Is there a way we can help migration? Moving posts over for example. Even at some point suspending the MaidSafe reddit with a message directing people?


The difference in subscribers is rather large. There were 2000 odd online yesterday on maidsafe and only 50 odd on safenetwork.


Can we try to life the exposure of the safenwork subreddit? It is pretty dead compared to the maidsafe one.