Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



Bitfinex used to allow wash trading, maybe it still does…

I agree though, HitBTC is a bit unsubtle and I wouldn’t trust them with a penny of my money for 5 minutes.

Maybe it would be good PR for MaidSafe to ask for MAID to be removed from their exchange? It would be a good display of moral responsibility to disassociate from any known ‘scam’. You probably need more evidence than just fake volume though. That’s been par for the course in crypto for years. I would expect them to do something stupid before long, it does seem like a dodgy operation.


I am affraid, I am the one of the thousands scamed people. I am presenting my version of truth as a truth becouse it is a truth… I have no other proof of my words other than my own experiance and the hunderds of posts of scamed people around the internet… just google it.

No, they will continue to lurk noobs on arbitrage on whatever coin they want… IMHO its no way to sucessfully communicate about MAID removal with them… On the other hand, its very easy to remove their logo from


Goosebumps just watching it. I love it. Great work


Thanks for raising this, we’re looking into it now and will take action if users are being ripped off. I’ll post back onto this thread as soon as we have more info.


Thanks for taking my proposal into consideration…


I have nothing to do with HitBTC, but I wonder if you could be more clear about your exact grievance. When I go to the link you posted,I see a bunch of people who lost their phone or lost their email account, and they’re unhappy that HitBTC customer service was slow to give them access to their funds without those items. Sorry, but this is not evidence of a scam site. It may be evidence that they have work to do in clarifying their policy on dealing with possible phishing attacks by people who claim they lost their email or 2FA phone.

As you know, even coinbase and poloniex have Reddit posts claiming they stole money, etc. Most people chalk these posts up to lies, exaggerations, or regrettable one-off snafus. Can you give me more evidence that your grievance against HitBTC has more merit?


Hi Tom, I can share my own experience where I wasnt able to make an withdrawal during few long weeks. When I started desperately spamming all possible sources of their new victims, they eventually decided to cooperate and allowed me to make an withdrawal. I think I would lose the money if I just kept asking politely.

Here is the link to the whole story: HitBTC making more than half trade volume on MAID


Appreciate the shout out :slight_smile: I do spend quite a bit of my personal time thinking about what customer segmentation, messaging, and marketing strategy could look like for SAFE. It’s definitely something I’d like to get more involved in here.

One thing I’m trying to wrap my head around/pull together is a simple and discrete set of the benefits Maidsafe and SAFEnet can deliver. I know the list would be long (and ever-increasing), but I think it could be a helpful thing to have in terms of targeting, mapping needs to benefits, and messaging–otherwise put, pulling together a POV on who we’re going to talk to, what we’re going to say, where we’re going to say it, and why people will/should listen.

Also, it’s “she,” haha


Something I’ve noticed on here is that Maidsafe (and the community) call a spade a spade and ID talented people and their ideas/contributions pretty quickly (don’t know how Mav has escaped a job offer but that’s not for here :wink:)

I can only suggest if you formulate the basics there will be a bunch of talented and like minded people who will jump in to help guide the ideas that are brought forward.

Only benefits can come from people sharing their skill sets and ideas, kind of what SAFE has at its core.

Sorry I singled you out but I guess the idea applies to anyone that can contribute, please don’t be afraid to add value, sometimes that value happens in ways you may not even anticipate, you/others just need to take the first step :+1:


One of the first steps could maybe be to start a new topic where people willing to volunteer in any way possible could let the community know.

If they were to state their occupation and/or talents, we might at the very least get some insight in the willingness and possibilities of community involvement in the (near) future.

But maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, and we should wait until Maidsafe takes the lead…I don’t know. :grin:


Who is to say he has not, I would bet on he has. But its probable that this is not his only interest and may have declined. Guesses obviously :wink:
Possibly an interesting guest though @fergish


As I mentioned above I would post back into this thread after I’d looked into HitBTC. It is very difficult to understand how reliable the feed back is on the review sites such as BitTrust, we all know how much mis information goes on in crypto. I also had a look on Crypto Compare where they score 3/5. Again a real mixed bag. I also wrote to them and received the following response.

Hi Nick,
Thank you for getting back to us!
I understand your concerns and fully share the point of view that user's safety go first.
We experienced a dynamic growth in the number of users in the last few months. That cause an increase in user's support requests.
We are working hard on improvement of core system and support in particular. I can ensure you that almost 90% of support tickets being resolved within first 24 hrs. And 100% of claims are being processed.
Please read about our new Support Center-

As for Bittrust, i wonder if there is a chance to track activity of users posting reviews.

Although, I kindly ask you to let me know whether you are aware of any unresolved issue with HitBTC, we will definitely do our best to make it processed.

Looking online I can very similar pictures for most exchanges. It is possible that they grievances/bad reviews are legitimate, but it could also very well be disgruntled traders who have lost money, have been hacked through their own lack of knowledge or have experienced slow/poor customer service. This does not make them scams.

I raised the subject of false volumes and arbitrage with HitBTC as well. Their response:

Hi Nick,
Thank you for the question.
We have no influence on the market price. It is set up by demand vs. supply ratio.

Again very difficult to prove either way. Even today their price of MAID is higher than most others, but with increasing regulation in the area I would think most big exchanges would need to be increasingly careful that they are not guilty of manipulation.

So in summary it sounds like you have genuinely had a bad experience, but I have not found anything (not to say there aren’t issues) that make them any worse or better than any other exchanges. It is important that we have liquidity in MaidSafeCoin and these exchanges for all their faults provide that. I suspect that for many decentralised exchanges are the answer and I suspect volumes will increase as the technology improves and networks like SAFE provide ever greater user control.


Good idea, quite likely all our IQ’s would be raised a few points in the process :+1:


I must add from my personal experience that the support of Poloniex is lacking: a (not super urgent) ticket of 164 days old…, where I repeatedly ask for a status update. I’ve just read that spamming their ticket system can do the trick (e.g. 5 new tickets asking to solve the old one). Maybe I should try this.


This is the sort of thing that needs overturning.

They wrongly say that ‘Maidsafe, a distributed file storage platform’, but then to go on to say the project has been ‘eclipsed by a number of competitors in the space’. Who are those then?

This came up in my Google alerts as the only news for the day. Not great.


Well one of those seems to be in trouble.


I took your suggestion to heart and made a video about the SAFE network. I didn’t have much to work with regarding visuals to explain the network (especially the technical side of the network), so I used one of your older introduction video’s. I tweaked and polished it a little, for fun’s sake. :smile:

Click the logo to open.



Superb. Fantastic contribution! Thanks @dewild …sharing now :slight_smile:


That’s beautiful !!!


Awesome @dewild. Have you posted a donation address?
I had this on in my car luckily (better sound) amazing!