Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign

Maybe better to focus on the tech as opposed to the company, possibly a 'SAFE Network video next time around?


Now that you mention it, this is something that marketing will need to work on. I get the impression that the crypto community considers them to be one in the same. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say SAFE network when comparing data networks etc; they always just say MaidSafe.


Yes I think that’s a fair assessment. Something to take on board in your planning @SarahPentland.


Shifting from MaidSafe is the product to SAFEnetwork is the product will hard so will need to be pro-active if wanted. We created a safenetwork reddit with this in mind, but it is dead because everyone, including MaidSafe still post to the MaidSafe reddit (developer announcements for example), and there’s no encouragement such as “please post in the SAFEnetwork reddit, this MaidSafe reddit is for etc” from the moderators (mainly me :wink:).

So don’t expect this to happen without a coordinated effort!


Totally agree Mark. Co-ordinated effort and community involvement is something we have been discussing quite a bit internally recently. We hope to be tapping a little more into the communities skills and enthusiasm soon.


A khan academy style learning suite would be awesome. Break the vast information into syllabuses and topics. I want to take the course as I am sure many others do.


I see it as arming the volunteers with the information needed to promote. I would love see people taking the course then going out and doing talks to people.

Hi Nick, i do like the new website, but would consider making it more understandable for people who are not programmers and/or network experts.

I wrote a post about it:

Good luck with everything, I am sure you’ll get things going!

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Hi Andre,

Yes I saw your post, thanks for the perspective. Sarah is currently getting up to speed with our content, messaging, channels used…etc… and has just started working on a strategy that will help us appeal to our audience(s). A new website will be part of this, as the existing site is alpha 2 specific, and depending on lead-time for the new site we may need to consider revising the content on the existing one.



Ok…so how about a real community-driven video explaining the SAFEnetwork next time then?

This video took me appr 1 hour to make, consists out of captured copywrited material and is therefore poorly produced. But with more time and effort, combined with the guidance of Maidsafe and help of some other enthousiastic forum members with specific qualities and proper knowledge (or just general creativity), I think we can come a long way. It sure as hell would be a lot of fun.

How cool would that be? A nicely produced inspirational and informative video made by your community. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. Talk about your marketing…

Forbes magazine: “Hi Nick. Before we start, wow great video explaining SAFE you guys made.”
Nick: “We didn’t make it…our community did. Voluntarily.”

Boom. Sold. Case closed. Deal.

Having a thriving community improves credibility by a lot. Whether they are devs or just regular folk. You already have that community…so what better way to show it, literally.

Bob makes the script.
Lisa creates a storyboard.
Joe and John make a few funky visuals in Aftereffects.
Frank has a professional recording mic and a sweet movietrailer-like voice.
Anna does the editing
and so on…

All the while, Maidsafe steers the project in right direction and gets final say in the end.

Well…stop discussing…just say the word and see the magic happen before your very eyes. :wink:


Great work in progress!

Good luck with all,


I agree, community driven stuff is very powerful. It might be a video, it might be some other piece of content or graphics. I think the planning (discussion) part is important so that we maximise the effort and produce something that gets the message across to the right audience. It sounds like you’re a coiled spring, so we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

  1. What facilitates the exchange of value on this network?

  2. What facilitates an economy on this network?

  3. What enables me to upload data on this network?

  4. Why would I contribute resources above the network average to this network?

  5. Why would all the current p2p content shift to this network?

  6. Why would record and video companies offer their entire catalouge on this network?

  7. Why would i build apps for this network?

  8. Why would core devs compete with Maidsafe on this network?

  9. Why would Visa and Mastercard be keeping an eye on this network?

  10. What obvious, compelling, alluring advantage does this network facilitate over all others?

Bonus Question:

  1. The world media is currently buzzing about a rising phenomenon, is it:

    A: Blockchain?

    B: Bitcoin?

Maidsafe answer: A: Blockchain

Bonus Question 2

  1. What is the object being discussed in the most viewed topic on this forum, is it:

    A: Datachain?

    B: Safecoin?

Maidsafe answer: ‘The Safe Network’ :smile:


Great job @dewild :+1:

Not throwing anyone under the bus here :wink: but @Sotros25 seems to be a valuable resource flying somewhat under the radar, we should encourage people like that to jump in here if she/he feels comfortable.

Loads of talented people here, some probably a little in awe of the team/project to be overly vocal but if you have the talent and are comfortable please join in and throw your ideas/thoughts out there :slight_smile::wink:


Bitfinex used to allow wash trading, maybe it still does…

I agree though, HitBTC is a bit unsubtle and I wouldn’t trust them with a penny of my money for 5 minutes.

Maybe it would be good PR for MaidSafe to ask for MAID to be removed from their exchange? It would be a good display of moral responsibility to disassociate from any known ‘scam’. You probably need more evidence than just fake volume though. That’s been par for the course in crypto for years. I would expect them to do something stupid before long, it does seem like a dodgy operation.


Goosebumps just watching it. I love it. Great work


Thanks for raising this, we’re looking into it now and will take action if users are being ripped off. I’ll post back onto this thread as soon as we have more info.


I have nothing to do with HitBTC, but I wonder if you could be more clear about your exact grievance. When I go to the link you posted,I see a bunch of people who lost their phone or lost their email account, and they’re unhappy that HitBTC customer service was slow to give them access to their funds without those items. Sorry, but this is not evidence of a scam site. It may be evidence that they have work to do in clarifying their policy on dealing with possible phishing attacks by people who claim they lost their email or 2FA phone.

As you know, even coinbase and poloniex have Reddit posts claiming they stole money, etc. Most people chalk these posts up to lies, exaggerations, or regrettable one-off snafus. Can you give me more evidence that your grievance against HitBTC has more merit?


Appreciate the shout out :slight_smile: I do spend quite a bit of my personal time thinking about what customer segmentation, messaging, and marketing strategy could look like for SAFE. It’s definitely something I’d like to get more involved in here.

One thing I’m trying to wrap my head around/pull together is a simple and discrete set of the benefits Maidsafe and SAFEnet can deliver. I know the list would be long (and ever-increasing), but I think it could be a helpful thing to have in terms of targeting, mapping needs to benefits, and messaging–otherwise put, pulling together a POV on who we’re going to talk to, what we’re going to say, where we’re going to say it, and why people will/should listen.

Also, it’s “she,” haha


Something I’ve noticed on here is that Maidsafe (and the community) call a spade a spade and ID talented people and their ideas/contributions pretty quickly (don’t know how Mav has escaped a job offer but that’s not for here :wink:)

I can only suggest if you formulate the basics there will be a bunch of talented and like minded people who will jump in to help guide the ideas that are brought forward.

Only benefits can come from people sharing their skill sets and ideas, kind of what SAFE has at its core.

Sorry I singled you out but I guess the idea applies to anyone that can contribute, please don’t be afraid to add value, sometimes that value happens in ways you may not even anticipate, you/others just need to take the first step :+1: