Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign

I guess I didn’t explain myself well enough.

I wasn’t implying we get someone from Maidsafe to do one. The team is way to busy at this point to do something like this or at least that’s my guess from seeing all the work being done. They have posted a couple of positions recently also for PR people and will be working their own plans.

I meant we should check who is scheduled in the future and find someone who would attract the kind of people who’d be interested in the SAFE Network. Then when the IAmA is running pose a question to them about Maidsafe, the SAFE Network and @dirvine. To get the question answered though it looks like it’d need to be up voted a lot to get the person to see and then answer it.


In a way good publicity for the project. 2,600+ view is far too low IMO. We need more marketeer like him to talk about this project and gain some traction.


David & Nick need to give interviews to tech sites and magazine & have a YouTube video explaining Safe.


Completely disagree about organic being an unlikely route.

Sure, PR and social are the obvious channels, but organic is bedrock while PR and social bounce like cardiac monitors.

True that you can’t expect people to know to search for ‘decentralised internet’ or ‘safenetwork software’. However, that doesn’t mean organic is a failure waiting to happen.

Organic should be newsjacking every other thing that is popular, comparing, contrasting, differentiating and showing superiority over everything from tor, darknet, freenet to coinage like bitcoin and ethereum, to mining and making money online. There’s probably a dozen easy core niches with 10-100 key term roots within each that could be exploited.

Even without a working, downloadable, post-beta product, there could be 10,000 articles written or being written, each of which is capable of bringing in 1000+ visits a month. Yes, that’s 10 million visits a month if there was a coordinated content engine in place with editorial processes and recurring publishing on-domain.

These in turn would lead to a massive amount of chatter on social and within the PRess. After all, much of PR nowadays is content based off-domain publishing on media sites. It’s no longer just a flashy headline - it’s a story.

Hopefully the new marketing people at MaidSAFE are able to spin up the FTL drive and get this happening. Waiting until after Alpha would be a travesty of wasted opportunity, IMHO.


Did someone just say ‘slogan’? I think I heard someone say ‘slogan’…


“An item falls under the IT umbrella when it is used for the purposes of storing, protecting, retrieving, and processing data electronically.”

No no…no need to thank me.

#SAFE #thisisIT



I think that slogan is very good!


Putting the “I” in Internet


At the moment it reminds me about the movie with the same name about a horror clown.


Good thinking. Now we have a mascot as well. We’re getting there… :rofl:


I editted a small video. Click the logo to open it. (right-click and open, for it will close the forum if you left click it)

I figured: besides debating about marketing, we might as well contribute and have a bit of fun, right? :grinning:

All the content from the video is from the film ‘The Human Face of Big Data’. Highly recommendable btw.



Anyone noticed that uses the impossible triangle as well? They’ve just flipped it, changed the colours and added ‘TM’.

I’d never even heard of the site but saw a tweet with the logo and it piqued my interest, hopefully there won’t be any confusion with people thinking there’s a link between the two!

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I think it will be instantly taken down because of copyright infringement.
And besides that, this video was merely for the fun of making it. I feel It would be inappropriate for me to spread (copyrighted) material full of MaidSafe logo’s on the internet, without consent of MaidSafe, and without proper/deeper knowledge about SAFE.

Edit: plus this video only conveys the problem. It doesn’t explain anything about SAFE. It’s inspirational at best. Could maybe be used at the start of a presentation though.


Why not just a channel #marketing in the safenetwork slack?

Made another small inspirational video. As long as I’m having fun making’em, I’ll keep posting’em. :wink:

(right click the logo and open)



Love it. Top work. Tweeted. Keep 'em coming!


Brilliant, I loved it… keep them coming :slight_smile:


Ah well, it might not be as informative as @fergish’s podcasts, but it might at the very least inspire some of you the same way SAFE inspires me.


Superb, really appreciate you putting this together @dewild!


Maybe not as informing, but you create that spark of interest in the Safe Network, that we need in order to motivate people to read about or listen to more indepth information. Congratulations, keep them coming!


lol, nice. :+1:

Just don’t forget to mention that this is a fan/community-made video. Because of the Maidsafe-logo’s, it could be misunderstood as being made by Maidsafe. I will include some sort of disclaimer next time.