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Will have such quality individuals that if someone needs help will get him or her what support they need. Let’s don’t put any you tube or any mass media links on to this platform! I hate that every piece of content their is a FB TWEET and Y Tube at the bottom just to share. Some individuals put lot of time and energy into their content that are putting on this medium and people just dish it off like its nothing. Well that’s changing now The U.K. and the EU artists and musicians union has made a law that they will receive a royalty for any content either video or wrting along with Irealnd . My friend Kelly Slatter 6 time world champ in the world surf league signed a contract with Shutter Shot to receive roylaties because they have a base in Holland. So I will pass on more info on how authors and video film professionals can receive royalties that U.S. just throws out the window and steals it all !!



Agreed I just wrote down thoughts sorry will edit later bottom line I will give it my all to help this new community cheers mate !!


Due to the difficulty in differentiating Safenet, MAID, and Safecoin from other blockchain based entities I tried a micro experiment. I talked to 8 people that understand blockchains (know basics about BTC) but never heard of MAID. I told 4 of them that MAID uses a new technology called Datachains and they seemed to just ignore there is a difference and did not ask any questions. I told the other 4 that MAID uses a new technology called Safe-Links and they asked a ton of questions and they seemed to quickly establish a difference between the two. With this being such a small sample with so much variation in the people alone, this hardly proves anything. But, because of the drastic difference in the outcomes (solely my interpretation) I thought I would share this.


Interesting experiment and thanks for spelling out the caveats. Actually I prefer the term datachains myself :slightly_smiling_face:. A couple of questions spring to mind. Were the people you spoke to native English speakers? And did you get any feeling as to why they responded as they did?


They all are native English. I suspect that datachains and blockchain to most folks (not super technical) sounds similar. And while it is different there might be an underlying subconscious assumption that links the two together (chains, maybe). I have NO expertise is this area, just my thoughts. Safe-links might sound different enough that they differentiated it and assumed no correlation. Or, they had one more drink and were more extroverted that evening :thinking:


When I speak about it, I prefer following:
First I say something like: “MaidSafe is blockchain-less.”. Then I start talking about what are the main limitations of blockchain and what is the main features of Safenetwork. Only when I talk with IT, deep crypto folks, only then I say something about datachains. :slight_smile:

Safenetwork: Blockchain-less crypto solution


Personally coming in from not knowing anything about blockchains or crypto and learning about SAFE/Maidsafe first, I don’t even mention blockchains, I talk about it rebuilding the way data is stored and how it effectively becomes a totally secured internet where the user owns his/her data. Later on if needed I say that it doesn’t use any blockchains. (Datachains are not a replacement for a blockchain really)

Blockchains are what a few GBytes of ledger, yet SAFE is the whole world’s data eventually and operates on a completely different concept to blockchains.


A lot of non-crypto people don’t care much about the tech itself. I tend to focus on the implications when talking to noobs.

“Imagine if no one could censor anything on the web and no one could turn it off?”

“What, you mean like the darknet?”

“Yes, kind of. But imagine if we had no servers and we all just ran the internet with our spare resources. The darknet still pools data in secret places which can be discovered with a bit of effort. They shut down Alpha Bay and Silk Road, that’s not really censor resistant, it’s just hard to shut down. Now imagine if it was impossible. Imagine that your own data can be that secure and accessible too. Imagine if you could access it from anywhere with no repeat storage costs and no chance of it ever disappearing, being hacked etc. Imagine if the internet got faster when more people used it because more users provided more access from more locations, instead of servers getting overwhelmed. Imagine if App developers didn’t need to fork out any infrastructure costs to create their Apps, and imagine if they could be paid anonymously and securely. Imagine if they also got paid automatically by the network depending on how useful the App is and how often it is accessed, rather than just thinking of ways to monetise a good idea? Imagine if anyone with a connection and a bit of harddrive space could ‘farm’ some free coins to use or sell?”

Really, you can exhaust someone’s imagination pretty quickly. If you fire implications at them you can identify the angles that speak to them by watching for their reactions. There’s something in SAFE for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding out what moves your audience.

It’s quite easy to be persuasive when you can tailor your explanation to an individual, even if you don’t know them yet. It’s much more difficult with a varied audience. There is no one-size-fits-all explanation for SAFE imo.


@Jabba I like the simple way you explain it.


I think explaining how close group consensus secures data has been the best angle for me explaining. Once people understood that this is what is securing data and that you can create tokens like safecoin something clicked. They could then see how safecoin was backed by secure data like bitcoin is backed by the blockchain


Anybody want to do some guerrilla marketing and find some interesting people coming up on and ask them if they are aware of the SAFE Network, Maidsafe and David Irvine?

I’ve never use the but from the looks of it your question needs to be voted on to be answered by the person??? So we’d have to decide on a person to ask and then all upvote the question?

Good, bad or indifferent???

Sorry, if this was suggested or something along these lines has already been brought up.

I wish this were late year 1999

Have I understood correctly that in safenet you would only need to type your login credentials once, to access all the personal content? What I mean is that once you log into safenet, you could safely visit your email, forums, online bank account… without further logins? If so, this would be one selling point of safenet, because all these logins are adding some friction to our everyday web use nowadays.


You understand correctly.


One of my favorite features of Safenet…but then there are so many others


Great! So safenet could be re-branded to “easynet” :wink:

What I really mean is that some marketing factors can be quite different from what we understand to be a core feature of the system.


Of course this doesn’t mean those different apps can’t or won’t have extra individual layers of security.


I believe one thing that is important to any marketing campaign is pointing out how your product solves problems that currently have no solution . The bigger the problem it solves, and the more people it relates to, the bigger the impact. Pointing out all the massive security breaches over the last few years like Anthem, Ebay, JP Morgan , Home Depot, Sony, Ashley Madison(:blush:), Target, Global Payments, TriCare, CitiBank, Heartland and of course the most recent Equifax is something EVERYONE can relate to. While it seems obvious and it may have been pointed out earlier on Forum, I think it’s important to continually remind people how vulnerable YOUR information is when put in the hands of “Professionals”!


Just searched safenetwork in the TUBE and it seems an ICO is launching (safe neural network - posted this week) 400k views. So If anyone has a good video they would like to post under safenetwork we could get a few people to drop in and have a look around :slight_smile:


I agree. Once these websites have been forced (by the market, because they’re not known for being early adopters after all…) to move their sites (or at least another version of it) to the Safe Network, I’d be amazed if they didn’t then also add their own additional form of login. Unless I’m missing something (or by the time the network goes live, it’s so far in the future that the old inefficient banking dinosaurs have been entirely displaced by upstart digital banks) they’d never agree internally to make that leap otherwise in my view.