Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



I don’t know if there is anything in this from Safe’s perspective but I was told about this company by a friend. I haven’t come across them but sounds interesting.

The model of using sci fi writers to imagine new products or uses for products, and then helping prototype them, is probably not applicable but you never know. I feel like their ability to communicate complex new tech concepts to the public (see their deliverables) could be useful. Either as an alternative or addition to getting a more traditional PR firm to grasp Safe and do their thing.


Exactly, I was thinking this when a lot of effort was instead spent, in this thread, on convincing the other of why A was better than B, or vice versa.
Just spend that time doing a great A and the other guy thinking out a marvelous B, and we can later on gather here and see the results.

Anyway, for you who don’t know 3Blue1Brown,he does really good informational videos on mostly math subjects. Here’s a really good one explaining block chains, which could be more or less comprehensible to quite a large share of people IMO.

Let’s have this guy explain safenet?

Althouh, I think that rather than explaining how it works, something like what @danski linked to, would be more likely to make people talk about safenet and wanting to use it; ie. let imaginative sci fi people paint the picture of what this could actually look like in your future life.


What is the job people would hire the safe network to do for them?

For developers.
For consumers.
For businesses.

There is so much complexity under the hood it is hard to get something that hits the mark. I believe it will require a solid grasp of running experiments to test value propositions and messaging and deep user research. Data can tell a story in this area and help refine brand messaging. Automated workflows and segmentation of audiences through testing engagement with different landing pages (testing headlines, tag lines, layout, hero images, messaging and feature and benefit variations etc) and driving them through funnels would bring greater clarity on what works and what doesn’t.

Simple experiments can be done with small budgets and sharp design thinking teams.

Mass awareness should not be a strategy yet. This will come through great apps built on Safe that solve people’s problems. Get jobs done. Targeting narrow audience types and testing various value propositions and messaging is crucial at this stage. Given a reasonable budget and 2 experienced digital marketers this should be pretty straight forward.

Getting the network effect on Safe is going to be more about the apps that excited startup teams build. But, why would I choose to build my software product on Safe as opposed to using blockstack or ethereum and ipfs? Or any other tech? The challenge is in marketing, branding and ux. The early adopter segment seems to be people that would overlook some of the intricate benefits of Safe. It takes significant effort to get at unique differentiators that appeal. There is so much noise in the “blockchain” space and cutting through that is a hurdle to driving adoption. Large scale brand awareness building and PR like blockstack has been doing is costly.

I really am looking forward to seeing how the marketing hires approach this all. :slight_smile:


Will do thank you for the info


Agreed someone has already hacked into my social network on f so will be ready next week once signed in thx


To the team I would like to provide this service what is the equipment I need at reasonable price. Thank you for your time to ask these basic questions. Something very interesting setting up that will still keep everyone’s network annynmous but will gernerate a constant income. Cheer’s


Sorry I thought was in farming topic appoligize!


Hi Dwieluns2, great work. I found it easy to understand and it will probably be very useful for the new ones just discovering Safe. IMO it’s really valuable to have alot of people explaining and sharing the concepts and architechture of Safe in their own words.
There’s absolutely a time and place for targeted, engineered and structured marketing campaings, but nothing says that organic, grass-root, individual contribution to the communication of Safe isn’t equally as valuable.
In business sales we call it cold call and warm call. Everybody knows and recognizes paid marketing campaigns, kinda like cold calls. But warm calls bring a whole another level of interest and attracts tangible attention from folks. There’s something really powerful that comes out the act of each one, teach one.
So thanks for putting this together and keep sharing your renditions, the more variety, the better :slight_smile:


More info about the team, done in the right way (background, photos, a little mkt, etc), could boost the project even more. Really smart people inside very unknown to the general public




Probably no coincidence that MaidSafe have (imo) the most modest team and the most undervalued project in crypto :wink:


Yes and our forum is also the best too. There’s a lot of intelligence and also a lot of diversity of ideas.


I know this is slightly off topic but I think when SAFE launches we really need to consider the power of referral programs. Dropbox (not a true comparison, I know) and countless others onboarded so many users to reach a network effect by offering benefits for referring. In Dropbox’s case it was (if I remember right) 5GB free storage at sign up and an extra 2GB for each referral. Being that storage is so cheap these days and google, one drive, and Amazon offer so much storage for so cheap this might need some tweeking or even additional incentives.

Add On: Is having a safecoin referral incentive allocated based off node age a crazy idea? Say you just join and your referral is accepted, you could get a set amount of storage. In another scenario you have been a good node and have been relocated etc. and have a node age of 2, your referral is accepted and you receive a higher amount of storage. You have been a farmer for awhile now and have finally reached node age 3, your referral is approved, you get the cost in safecoin of the previous storage amounts. Any thoughts? I realize this would require some stupid code that shouldn’t exist in this masterpiece so ultimately it sounds cooler than in reality perhaps but would like to share this thinking regardless.


Referral has its security & anonymity problems.

To give you X freebies for referring people then creates a link between those people and your account. Something SAFE is trying to avoid

But your point is valid. Maybe we can do something.

Remember though that referrals create a human spam problem. I know of a few people I removed from my contacts because they spammed me with these referrals. And I do not use those services to this day because of their referral spam system

I think its better though to put the effort into creating APPs that people want to use rather than effort & resources into referrals. Remember to give away freebies means the network has to charge others more to make up for it.


@neo I added to my previous post. I have the same issue with referral programs as well. Remembering Dropbox I think it worked well because almost everyone wanted this free cloud storage stuff. But I do agree it creates a human incentive to spam which is annoying, like ads, which I also hate, but it’s also like chatting it up with as many lasses as possible, one is bound to give you a go :smile:

You bring up an interesting point on anonymity I completely glossed over in my thinking. I think that could still have a solution though. One I can think of is anonymous referral pools or a lottery like system but that takes some of the incentive out unless the stakes are high enough. Bed time for me but I have something fun to think about now! Thanks


I also think Nigel point was valid, but as I see it, extra charge in the network is not necessary. We can manage that by creating a voluntarily fund for a different marketing project. This one could be one of them.

In case of Monero, these practices of funding are chosen even in the continuous development itself. People gather money and the development stage begins while the budget is full.

Why not copy Monero community practices?


Actually. The only reason we’re anonymous is because the network is an autonomous intermediary that allows us to be and a referral or preferral system could and should also work as such. I can be anonymous on the network and have a randomly generated token (special data type?) and give that token to the head of the FBI or other alphabet soup organization and when that referral is redeemed on the network it has no real tie to me for anyone else on the SAFE Network. No public ID, no xor address, no nothing to anyone except the Network itself. The Network can validate the token has been used and then burn it. So all anyone knows is that I use the SAFE Network. Where this is obviously gameable though is that I can generate a token, then another account, redeem incentives, repeat. That is where the true problem lies and perhaps why you were suggesting it not being anonymous as you need an IP to be known etc. If there was some original account IP blacklisting attached to the referral token to prevent gaming with new account creation (no longer random token) then perhaps. Convoluted and impractical I suppose. This will have to be left to the smarty pants I’m afraid :sweat_smile:


I still wonder if we will need to make incentives for people to tell others about SAFE. Look at the APP games on phones, do they have referrals? But look at how fast a good game spreads.

SAFE itself will not sell quickly, but the APPs running on SAFE will sell SAFE faster than any referral spam program.

Yes, I do get the point of referrals but do wonder about referral selling a network.

Imaging if dropbox had APPs running on it, then dropbox would not do referrals but promote their APPs and maybe even have had referrals for the APPs.


Really does require a paradigm shift in thinking in almost every sense


I agree with Neo. The product will hopefully be great enough that there won’t need to be incentives.

People on this thread are talking about marketing like there’s some magical amount of money that will appear, ready to be spent. Why not discuss where the marketing budget will come from? What sacrifices will be made for this marketing effort? Will the devs get less money to do their coding? Will we raise donations so we can do marketing? Will the marketing be all-volunteer?

I would rather have a fantastic product and lousy marketing than the other way around.


Thankfully, there is no reason to think MaidSafe will have to make this choice. Fantastic Product + Fantastic Marketing = Unparalleled Success.