Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



Excellent point, are those two things not integral to the main message? The message could not exclude either.


Financial benefits appear to be the last thing long term Maidsafe followers are concerned with


Maidsafe followers will not be the core group propelling the network forward. We are but a small subset. The general population of semi-computer-literate, social-network-using techno amateurs will be the catalysts.


Don’t worry, they’ll come around. They need it splained better. :wink:


You’d be reducing us to one dimensional personalities.

Actually we are not so much wanting the coin pumped by marketing.

But to sell to the consumers the fact that they can earn just by running a vault is a very important message and one I’ve said many times.

That happened 2+ years ago when I learned about MAID/SAFE

Unfortunately SAFE is not a vacuum cleaner that has a singular purpose, and that is to suck. SAFE is a multifaceted product that has many sides to it. Apps will lever off each side and work together to produce something that the current internet is only a shadow of.

How do you market? Well like all the big companies do, choose a audience and then market to them. And as others have said the investors get a tailored marketing for them and the technical people who are to build things using the product get another tailored marketing for them and the consumer gets a tailored message telling them the benefits of using the product. Of course a majority of consumer marketing will actually be for APPs running on SAFE. Like Mail, Messaging, Decorum, Social media APP, etc etc.

If you try to use consumer marketing to Universities, tech builders, they will IGNORE it. Future investors will listen then say “IS THAT ALL? Bye”

Also you find that businesses change the consumer marketing on a regular basis. That vacuum company went hell for leather with their cyclone technology in their marketing to the consumer then when everyone got sick of hearing that and other companies introduced cyclone technology they changed to the no clog message, and now its back to cyclone technology (here in AU)


Of course théy will just read about it on the side of their cornflakes box and download it and go. So your selling “the make money with safenet” no brainer.

Which one is most important? YouTubesafe? Safemessageme? Safetwitter? Safefacebook?? All these new apps are gonna become the go-to apps because?

I’m not saying use consumer marketing on institutions. I’m saying find a message that will attract everyone and then branch off.

I used Dyson because someone used Dyson and these dysob guys did an awesome job with 4 words. So we can’t say “We Suck” but can we find that sweet note that says it all. You’re not even trying.

You want to put out 5 different message’s, one for every flavour and that’s a recipe for disaster. Why? Because you cannot control the message, you cannot control who sends the message. The institution message got sent to the consumer guy with MaidSafe written all over it. The consumer message got sent to the institution guy…

Oh I thought MaidSafe was a vault? No sir, who told you that, its a secure network. Oh really? I heard the coin was going to 125 dollars? Oh really? I heard it was free? Is is safe-fs or safex or safecoin or Bitcoin.

Well we can’t win every new user

They go bye bye…

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Well the big successful companies disagree with you. And they have no problems not sending the wrong message to an audience.

Also the international companies have different consumer campaigns for different cultures/countries. But yes they usually have the same base message, but not always


Do you honestly think there’s a parallel here? Big successful companies & a prerevenue, prelaunch, 14 years in the making, small technology firm that doesn’t yet know it’s niche? Gimme a break.

Once MaidSafe gets big and successful, spend all the time you want focusing in on segments, developing areas.

Get there first.

What ONE thing is MaidSafe to all persons, all companies, institutions, etc.

Find that and that’s your message.


Very good question. Maybe we should start counting the ways:

  1. Immunity from ransomware. It is, isn’t it?
  2. Not susceptible to identity theft. True, no?
  3. Not corruptible by viruses. Yes? No?
  4. Revenue generating.
  5. But there is a cost to use. True also of today’s networks but the costs are measured and assessed differently.
  6. Safeguards privacy. Not sure how important this one is to majority.
  7. Transparent. You’ll never even know what machinations are taking place in the background.
  8. Easy to use. It better be. Installation must be smooth as silk.


Don’t lose any of this. When the time is right, it can be handed over to the real marketing gurus and they will be able to condense it to a single message for the public. I’m making space in my study to run a few computers solely dedicated to Safenet


A short story from last night.

I buy CBD oil.

I have to buy kind of somewhat illegally because the Australian government are a bunch of morons and they want to schedule it as a prescription only med which I believe happens sometime soon. So anyway I have many different sources and was chatting to one yesterday on Facebooks messenger. This guy is 70 years old but knows his stuff. He asked me if I had Whatsapp or some other more secure chat app, I told him Whatsapp is not secure, he then proceeded to ask me what is secure, he went through a short list Wickr, Viber etc.

I told him I was not sure but believed those to not be safe because they are essentially still run by someone else who can extrude or share his data and all the central server mumbo jumbo. We then discussed TOR and eventually I told him about Maidsafe.

Now, here is the thing.

I found it very difficult to explain to him what it was and how it solves his problem.

This is a big problem.

Maidsafe = what is maidsafe.
Explain what Maidsafe is = OK how do I use it? where do I download it?
Explain time scale = OK when will it be released.
Explain no time line = sound of crickets
Explain oh but there will be these awesome apps when it is released which solve all these problems = OK…so where will I download those.
Explain browsers, new app stores, safe coin… = zzzzzzzz

Essentially I lost him. Now im not a bad sales man. I could pin the problem down to two things. 1) no timeline, no release date and 2) no one simple solution for getting onto the SAFE network. In todays world for MASS uptake it has to be as simple as downloading an app or downloading and running software.


You are the one claiming that

I am just giving you examples of why it is not a “recipe for disaster”

Its obviously not a comparison and its a shame the you will not consider promotion examples that are all around us and look at the examples of successful companies that have used campaign methods from the times they were smaller than what Maidsafe is now.

I think there is truth in what @happybeing says and what @Al_Kafir says


All this will be easier once the Beta is launched. We are probably just jumping the gun here. Not the right time to try and explain Safe to the masses.


They just need to hurry up and release something. There is coming a point when there will be uptake by people in the know of competitors solutions and so you lose that market and with it the people they would bring in.

Also I get the feeling Maidsafe are shooting themselves in the foot by constantly changing what they are doing and adding to it. Kind of like writing a book that you just continue to add new chapters to and with the comes more editing and rewriting.

My 2 cents. Still positive but they really need to crack that whip stay focused on end goal and start hitting some home runs.

I am a little shocked they have never ran a campaign or asked us to, where they would attract more developers. Seems everything is in house which is running at snail speed in comparison to if they had a hundred more developers right around the world. It is an open source project after all.


Interesting point. How quickly do you think a company with virtually unlimited resources (Google, Facebook, etc.) could create and release their own version of Safe Network? Does Maidsafe have a lead great enough to fend off that kind of challenger? How quickly could that lead be chipped away with a concerted, multi-million (or billion) dollar effort?



The interesting thing is, in my opinion, Facebook’s long-term plan is an evil alternate universe version of SAFE Network, except it will be the UNsafe Network because it will be centralized & controlled by them. You will only have as much privacy from others as they allow you to have, you will never own your data, and they will always a god-view over everything posted.

I see the roots of this happening with:
a) Their login/authentication system being used more and more by 3rd party apps and websites instead of them running their own system (this is analogous to how you will only need 1 SAFEnet account, and all apps will be given permission through it. It’s the evil alternate universe version because it is NOT permissionless, anonymous, etc)

b) The Facebook Free Basics initiatives, the FB controlled internet being deployed in countries with underdeveloped network infrastructure which is already violating net neutrality. 'Nuff said about this.

I see people always complaining about competition from other crypto projects; Blockstack, Filecoin, IPFS, etc (hey, I’m one of those people sometimes too!) But the real threat is not whether we can beat other decentralized/crypto internet projects, but whether or not we can beat the Faceboogleazon machine once SAFE starts gaining traction and becomes a legitimate threat to their business model of user data exploitation.


I wonder how long before, during or after beta launch will a mass marketing program happen and when the planning for that will commence. It appears there have been some sound suggestions made in this and other thread in the Marketing category.


If the safe marketing campaign has as much energy and impetus as this thread. We’ll be absolutely fine…


I may be virtually executed here, but the fact is I don’t really care who creates the new Safe Net, as long as somebody does it. I’d been dreaming about it for years before I came across Maidsafe who seem to do exactly what I had been dreaming about and even predicting would happen. I’m not a developer and I don’t understand all the details, but I WANT it, regardless of what the marketing slogan may end up being.

(“Be Maid - Be Safe!” Get it? Like a “made guy”? A goodfellow? My two cents. And I’m really, really not into marketing.)