Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign



In thinking more about what Safenet is intended to be, I propose we stop using the word Marketing and use instead Outreach and Education.

Marketing in and of itself has a connotation of brand promotion, sales, and so forth. While we would all like the token value to increase, we want more people to adopt so called safe internet hygiene. Security. Privacy. Safety.

The more people know about what Safenet is intended for and that it is a utility, a service and not necessarily a corporate investment schema; the more will adopt.


Lol at least it’s not personal, I’m seeing.

Looks like @BIGbtc takes this tone with everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


When it comes to deploying targeted marketing differentiated by customer/consumer segment you don’t have to worry as such about the fact that you need different messaging to be effective. Keep in mind that brands reach different audiences through distinct media or locations, if you will. For example, Coca-Cola has to speak to several audiences (e.g., consumers, investors, distributors, institutions, etc.). Coca-cola uses a distinct, relevant messaging for each audience. When was the last time you, as a consumer saw Cova-Cola marketing that was meant primarily for investors or distributors or institutions? Without the distinct messaging, Coke could not speak effectively to each audience, but because each audience is distinct the differentiation in messaging doesn’t cause confusion. Otherwise put, I think what is important is one audience-one message, not so much one product-one message.


Sorry, @whiteoutmashups if I insulted you. I was doing as you do. Speaking my mind and doing it right. If you didnt like my comments about your marketing efforts thats not a reason to slam me personally. You are one of the faces of Maidsafe and that is not becoming.

You need to step up in your efforts to show a good face to MaidSafe all the time.

My differences with another member are not something you want to get into the middle of.


Dude, thats how I opened my critique of your prenzi. I was quite supportive of you in this and many of your other posts. Unreal…


Yes, that is the world in which we live. Without adequate promotion the movement will be stalled, taking months or years to accomplish what would have been, maybe, weeks. In the end, Safe Network will be a business, just like any other business today; a business with lofty and admirable goals and methods, to be sure, but a business just the same.




I hope you understood that I was taking the p1ss.


If the point of the marketing is to attract developers then go ahead and speak in the technical language that normal people don’t comprehend and spread it far and wide through developer forums, blogs and conferences.


Is there a technical reason why Safenet needs to be marketed and grow? The more nodes there are the more secure it is. I understand that. A Three-Letter Agency can kill 10 people and destroy their hardware. Killing and destroying 100 times that is more difficult, and so on. I personally mainly care about my own privacy and my security. If people in general want to keep giving away their own personal data to Facebook or whatever even when there is an alternative, that’s not really my problem. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to make some money from the coins, but to me that’s not the main issue at all. I guess my question is this: How big does Safenet have to be in order to function properly for those people who care about what I consider to be its core purpose?


Been there, done that. Thats how we get to where we are. Someone else said it here- the “build it and they will come” cannot work here. The marketing should not be directed at developers, it should be directed at people/businesses that will consume the technology. Maidsafe could go out and sponsor Rust Meetups and properly and effectively build a following through meetups - but that is outside the main message. When these developers see the main message - not directed at them- they will see the demand that is being created for the tech and want to build for it. The message will drive the consumption - the consumption will drive the developer pool.

No coin pumping here! LOL!!! :wink:


I believe you answered your own question. That’s it. No other reasons needed.


So a few thousand people across all continents would be enough really? Or is there a better estimate? The rest of the marketing discussion is pretty much about how to best make more money for investors, miners and developers of nifty apps? I see huge business potential here, but still I’m mostly in it for my own privacy and security.


Kevin Kelly! One of the most interesting men alive. I remember reading “Out of Control, The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems And The Economic World” in 1999 and being completely blown away. One of the reasons David’s vision stuck a cord is that KK talks a lot about collective intelligence, and ant and bee colonies.


I agree. I would also suggest that prior to launch, these separate audiences will not come altogether but in a chronological order.

We just need to decide on the order of target audiences, then concentrate our efforts on each stage in order to be most efficient I think. As @happybeing suggested, maybe the 1st audience might be developers, Institutions/distributors next perhaps, then consumers last, for example.
This could mean we could narrow the conversation to the most pressing, or 1st on the list.
If we could also perhaps identify all the different potential target audiences - let’s say there are maybe 6 - we could all concentrate on 1st target, then have a thread/group for each of the others too, but working together to help cross pollinate ideas? :smile:


Yes but this project appears to have been all about complete the product first, as far as it can walk on it’s own, then market to Joe blow member of the public. So one step at a time I guess


Yep, agree. There never was a clear direction, likely because it was never formulated, likely because it became more important to find out if it was going to work. Putting aside the challenges faced by the Rust switchover - outreach was the last thing on everyone’s mind. There has been a concerted effort over some very important period of time to draw in Developers and those fish aren’t biting so it’s time to revisit that. Throwing good money after bad.

The outreach needs to be spruced up and the target needs to be the best use of Safenet. Find where Safenet shines and point the dollars and effort in that direction.


I just hope it doesn’t take as long for the public to discover the beauty of Safenet as it did for the creator of triple entry accounting. Born in 1989 but came alive when the Bitcoin inventor thought about a practical use for it


That’s because the consumer drives everything. Investors, saw the consumer consuming, institutions saw the consumer consuming, advertising agencies saw the consumer consuming, and on it goes. No need to go after the subset. Coke got the consumer onboard, the rest is history.


If the consumer is chosen as the initial target of the “outreach” it might be more effective to emphasize the financial benefits of running a vault, especially on your phone, rather than extol the virtues of the network’s security apparatus. Everyone wants something for “free”. That is the most effective word in marketing, the thing every consumer understands and values.


I don’t mean the consumer in our example. I’m using consumer here because the OP used it in the coke example. Im not advocating a consumer only target, these got to be blended. Our target is consumers, enterprise, institutions, et al hitting all with the same message. Some of these entities see clearly how the applications can benefit, some need to drill down and see where the value prop intersects their sector.