Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign

Problem is nowadays blowing people’s mind is all about creating a crypto kitten app or some absurd meme.

Anyone has a meme app to show with alpha 2?


I’ve added a comment recommending MaidSafe/The SafeNetwork lately to some popular crypto youtube videos/channels.
Someone like CryptoCandor for example said at least ‘Thanks for the info’. And I find her good, look at her long and good interview with Charles Hoskinson of Cardano.


Someone make SAFE puppies quick!

Each puppy can have its own data store, web page, and hold various canine crypto-tokens to boost its abilities for its self & future generations, ha ha!

Seriously though, I think the core of what SAFE aims to do will blow people’s minds when they see how it can outperform & supercede many crypto projects that are valued at many billions of dollars. Gimmicks not required, but could be fun, and help get the word out there :slight_smile:


This is exactly right. I am not saying we should put Maidsafe resources into marketing. A strong community can get the job done and keep us in top 20 again.

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Railblocks has gone to a $3 billion market cap in less than a month because of some good marketing about having the solution around scalibility. Maidsafe has Datachains. We know about Datachains but few others do. An excellent blog by DIrvine on the topic but to a select community. Hence the benefit of good marketing.

What’s stopping you from writing about and telling people? In fact all of us should ask this daily.

What are we doing to market and promote maidsafe.

For me I try my best to write articles and at every single opportunity I have online on facebook YouTube and reddit or on blogs I mention it and I know for a fact my comments and actions have brought people here because they have contacted me and told me.

There is simply too much talk and not enough action.

Money is not required simply time.

This is in part why I started this thread Marketing Community Action Group

We need action. And we need action takers.


I can tell people and I do. But I am not a professional marketer and my lack of technology skills prevents me from having a global reach. Railblocks appears to have succeeded in this

That’s fair enough.

I myself have no official skills either but I can type on a keyboard which means I can write articles posts and comments. I also want to start doing videos this year and I want to do something with social media I’m just not sure what yet.

There are many ways to get the word out without spending too much time such as searching twitter and facebook for hash tags like privacy bitcoin crypto currency and mentioning it in the comments.

I also like to drop questions on reddit about maidsafe :wink:


And Railblocks have 5 Community Managers. How many does Maidsafe have?

Who cares.


Let’s just focus on what we are doing.

Just this morning I’ve chatted to friends on messenger about it, I’ve been responding on reddit and commenting and I’m preparing another medium article.

We can talk about what others are doing until the cows come home and we can discuss what we should do or we could do as Nike says and just do it. Just get on with it.

It is very doable.



Just commenting on how something manages to get attraction in the crypto world


Fair enough.

It’s all good my point is if everyone in this thread who is interested in marketing did one BIG thing each fortnight like write one article, blog post, design a meme, make a video, start a group, arrange a meet-up etc and did daily comments we’d be flying :+1:


Getting friends in at under $1 was a good move, crossing above $1.00 has created some buzz. Happiness for the people that bought, ears standing up and pointing this way for the people that did not… yet.

The crowd that understood my explanation of SAFENet bit my hand off asking how to buy, others who still didn’t understand the technology bought because they saw a cheap coin that their trusted friend was buying.

Edit:. Getting people in at under $10 is my next target, but potential up and down movement might be too emotional for large initial buyin for people new to the crypto scene. At $0.40 I was screaming buy truck loads.


This is a reality check. Looking forward to seeing 2018.

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Its a scary journey. I always promote maidsafe at every opportunity i get. Many of my friends bought and a few of them did so when it was below .30. The rest when it was .60. Then price tanked and i used to get messages and calls almost everyday asking me how and what to do…

Now the price is at 1 they’re all happy. I am a hero. Bigger than a porn star to a few :rofl:

I keep promoting Maidsafe. Mostly because of the technology but also to help people financially. I am guessing the price will move and fluctuate. But i think it will deliver.

If all fails i may need to move to Scotland and live with David and Nick. So if they do not wish this to happen they best deliver :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

No pressure guys. Just adding a bit of humor :relaxed:


You’ll always be that to me!

Great job dude


Right post, right time :rofl:

Good job :+1:


Posted this few days back, got 30 votes somehow (so it looks like people actually look us up). 73% rating though. I assume some from this forum may want to downvote but upvotes are welcome!


Hi everyone,

Skecthing on an infographic comparison to highlight safe. Which points would be good to add? :slight_smile: