Preparing a coordinated marketing campaign

Liked it! Without being able to at first glance tell you where, it needs some fine-tuning as you already said yourself.

The idea of nature, avalanches and regrowth is inspiring!

Thanks for all your efforts DeWild :+1:t2:

Just gonna leave this here:
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That’s rather depressing… :frowning:


So when is the coordinated marketing campaign being launched? I think if we focus on the OP we can come up with some comprehensive strategies! I think the difficulty is that this thread has too much debate (which is very good) and not enough decisiveness, maybe some sort of voting mechanism could be introduced in order get things moving forward?

I think you will find it will end up being staged rather than “launched”. Step by step and building up as SAFE moves from alpha to beta through to release candidates.

This is a long term project and as such to build excitement too fast is not good. We need to grow the marketing at an appropriate rate.

Just in case you were not aware.


I’d kill off r safenetwork. Build up r maidsafe and re-brand it otherwise you risk a situation like r bitcoin and r btc.


In a sense yes, but it gives those who see the safe network’s potential opportunity to invest further in MAID while seeing a very real target that makes huge future gains quite believable.

Could be a good time to re-invest profits from other projects that have performed well back into MAID (even though MAID is at its all time high just now!).

If IOTA and ADA are where they are despite being less ambitious than the SAFE network, and also pre-launch or unproven, where could MAID be once it’s ready for launch / it got hold of the consciousness of crypto investors & traders?


Yes I agree, but this shouldn’t mean a complete blackout on marketing which is currently happening comparing to other crypto. Substratum is now being featured on Forbes as the revolutionary thing in the ‘#ChangeTheWorld’ section. We never come up on reddit crypto subs and not a single established Youtuber ever mentions us. This has led to us sliding from top 10 to under 50 and if this continues we’ll be under top 100 market caps by Easter and probably below 300 by the end of the year.

A Coordinated campaign should mean we do something now and build it up as things get to launch. Our developer updates need to reach out to the wider crypto ecosystem so that we get people’s attention. Later (closer to launch) we need to reach out to Youtubers (maybe even to 1 or 2 now). And I know that I will probably get a response mocking crypto Youtubers but most people have jobs, I have 2 and crypto is a thing on top of that, youtube allows me (and hundred thousands of others) to get their updates when they are cooking, getting ready for work, working out, etc…


Yes, true enough - it shows potential and a glimpse of where people position a working SAFENetwork within the space.


Correct and why I never said to do that.

This is what I was saying. We maybe a year or 2 from any release candidates though.

I actually think our limited community efforts may already be having an impact. People had a lot of free time over Christmas to research stuff.

The decentralised internet space isn’t actually that big and investors getting drawn in via big substratum bucks are likely to look at alternatives as part of their due diligence. So, in some ways, those marketing one project actually markets all of them.


To me it’s quite a simple task. No current project has a working solution, they are all working towards one. Maidsafe needs to blow the others out of the water by clearly and simply explaining what it will deliver THAT THE OTHERS CAN’T.

If that isn’t achievable in the short term, we will be lower than 50.


Problem is nowadays blowing people’s mind is all about creating a crypto kitten app or some absurd meme.

Anyone has a meme app to show with alpha 2?


I’ve added a comment recommending MaidSafe/The SafeNetwork lately to some popular crypto youtube videos/channels.
Someone like CryptoCandor for example said at least ‘Thanks for the info’. And I find her good, look at her long and good interview with Charles Hoskinson of Cardano.


Someone make SAFE puppies quick!

Each puppy can have its own data store, web page, and hold various canine crypto-tokens to boost its abilities for its self & future generations, ha ha!

Seriously though, I think the core of what SAFE aims to do will blow people’s minds when they see how it can outperform & supercede many crypto projects that are valued at many billions of dollars. Gimmicks not required, but could be fun, and help get the word out there :slight_smile:


This is exactly right. I am not saying we should put Maidsafe resources into marketing. A strong community can get the job done and keep us in top 20 again.

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Railblocks has gone to a $3 billion market cap in less than a month because of some good marketing about having the solution around scalibility. Maidsafe has Datachains. We know about Datachains but few others do. An excellent blog by DIrvine on the topic but to a select community. Hence the benefit of good marketing.

What’s stopping you from writing about and telling people? In fact all of us should ask this daily.

What are we doing to market and promote maidsafe.

For me I try my best to write articles and at every single opportunity I have online on facebook YouTube and reddit or on blogs I mention it and I know for a fact my comments and actions have brought people here because they have contacted me and told me.

There is simply too much talk and not enough action.

Money is not required simply time.

This is in part why I started this thread Marketing Community Action Group

We need action. And we need action takers.


I can tell people and I do. But I am not a professional marketer and my lack of technology skills prevents me from having a global reach. Railblocks appears to have succeeded in this