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Neither would I…lol. The thing is, that I have no interest in reading, never mind following, forum community guidelines. I took no Democratic part in their formulation you see, so do not recognise them as legitimate. If the community does not decide guidelines, positions of power etc as a community, then I don’t see them as legitimate.
You could argue that its a private forum but that opens up a whole can of worms again…how/why did we end up here instead of structuring everything differently?
Anyway, these will be the guidelines that I will be following:

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Actually you recognized them as legitimate… just saying.

When…just asking?

When you registered for this board…

(there is no obligation to be here)

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Hey, is it Friday music time? Then I think I’ll trolol. :laughing:


What…I’m lost. There is also no obligation to leave, but thanks for highlighting the prevalent “like it or lump it” attitude. I’m here because I am a member of the community and it has become our gathering place. At what point in time did those of us that believe in democratic principles become unwelcome?
How have we sunk so low?

TUUUUuuuuuuuuunnne! :smile:
See…….intelligent conversation….lol

I think you´re missing the point, both of this conversation and of democracy/freedom of speech. We are drifting off topic. If you are really interested in a conversation and want to find out why you in fact subscribed to the forum guidelines…feel free to meet me at my private message board.

I do not, have not and will not subscribe to the forum guidelines. If you want to convince me or others, then start a thread in off-topic, I don’t do PMs. :smile:

No need to discuss from my side. It was an offer to keep this thread from OT