Pre-DevCon Thread! Yay! :D

My calendar is getting fuller (especially in April) and I was curious if you have already rough plans for DevCon 2019. I’m not expecting a program or anything but at least a date announcement in the next couple of weeks would be cool. :slight_smile:


I obviously can’t say but I’m thinking they may just be so busy with delivering SAFE-Fleming that it might not happen :grimacing: which might be a little bit of a bummer but with the markets, a full teams burn rate, and deliverables so close, I think it’d make sense to skip a year. The space isn’t exactly swimming with interest like it was either. Idk


Hey @Mindphreaker, this is a live topic for discussion at the moment. All I can say is that (working on the assumption that we do hold it) our goal is to get details out by the end of January if at all possible and that I’m working on the basis of it being no earlier than the date it was last year, with location TBC (according to budget and various other things). We know that people are understandably keen to book travel etc if it does go ahead so we’ll give as much notice as possible (even if that’s just a save the date/country :smile:)