Pre-Dev-Update topic (off-topic discussion)

ah right - i somehow though comic meant laughable (and thus not a good movie). Probably gives you an idea now that am not a native speaker :grin:


Ahh, no: good movie. Expect you will love it. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Holy crap dude, you’re anal-retentive. This guy remembers my every fault! I’m amazed. Now get banned kthx.

Also look in the mirror. Also if he’s banned already, and got banned because of having sock-puppet accounts, that’s hardly the real reason to ban him. He’s aggravating. Just my 2-cents. But alas, it’s still a good reason.

For the record I ended up buying back ABOVE what I sold, because I believe that much in the product. Like I’m going to be against a project that stores and saves all my hard drive space forever when I’ve had permanent crashes which lower my quality of life, and gives an internet free of viruses, prevents credit card and other fraud, provides unhackable perfect digital untraceable cash, allows rewarding applications by design, makes me a millionaire… ah drat I’ve just invalidated my entire argument because I hold bags!!!

Thanks for making me want to strive harder at working out, because of your level of absurdity attacking revolutionary projects with your filthy vitriol; it makes me want to be stronger. And everyone’s words here are already quite strong, against your pathetic attempt at undermining an invention far greater than you’ll ever be. Have fun with your tiny profit. If you disregard the advice of the most die-hard community here and don’t invest and hold before the time this technology far exceeds bitcoin, you truly deserve to never redeem yourself.