Pre-Dev-Update topic (off-topic discussion)

You seem new here… :grin:

@choped I’ve been here years longer than you joining on Feb 3rd. So maybe you created a new account to start a fresh trolling career?? So far all I’ve seen from you is negative and you won’t last long here as this community is strong and positive. I get excited and follow things pretty closely but sometimes overshoot so that burden lies on me, not maidsafe. They’re doing an amazing job and that’s all can be done :slight_smile: so kindly kiss off mate.


I’ve been here for 2.x years believing in the product with all of my being unwavering unlike anything before it. Money is motivating but it’s a complete marriage of ideologies. And the aggressive assumptions of the community here borderline on barbaric and action should be taken against it.


Yes, I do think that we can agree: We are all a diehard bunch of fanatic con people, just waiting for the time when we will be able to take advantage of all the others who are looking for a profit, seeking to drag everybody down with us. We are actually taking 2-3 years out of our lives to fake other people into a hopeless task so that everyone will actually realize that privacy, security and freedom are impossible.

Wow. We’ve been exposed. I’m so ashamed.


Do you mean when you sold part or all your bag after drink a botlle of scottish whisky?(sic).What a joke! really…

We want the head of this troll!!! :sweat_smile:

John, you just passed your British sarcasm visa test. Looking forward to seeing you soon :wink:


Cmon Jab. You know better.


Jabs is a troll troller, gamekeeper turned poacher, and we’re all drumming fingers in anticipation, so it’s good entertainment IMO :popcorn: munch.


I’m surprised he has time in between holding those bags.


PS saw Logan with my son today. We both rated it, (for a superhero comic movie).

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:joy: I was all ready to wiki him the meaning of bagholder, but I suddenly saw what I was doing.

Maybe starscream has hunted me down? :wink:

Bless you :wink: Danski knows all too well, he was partner in crime back in my old job.

I will disappoint though this time. There isn’t really anything to argue with. Amateurish trolling if you can’t even bate an easy mark that loves the sound of his own voice and has to be right about everything :grin:


And if any of you are Patrick Stewart fans… who isn’t? …make sure you’ve seen his guest appearance in Extras (written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant).

Bonus points if anyone can tell me the second link between Extras and Logan.

Can’t wait for my boy to be old enough to do stuff I want to do too lol. Going to soft play is rubbish.

:smiley: once we have perfected the art we should challenge the maestro.

Nooooooooooo - i was excited for it :disappointed: Probably his last x-men movie anyway i think.


“Going to soft play is rubbish”

You’re not doing it right.


I recommend you get in there with him (at least until they throw you out :smile:). Other tips, which I’m sure you’ve learned are to buy him all the toys you’d like to play with way before he’s old enough for them :wink:. Whatever though, enjoy as much as you can. Mine is in his twenties now and he’s not so keen on joining me in the soft play any more :laughing:


I’m now seeing a serie over his son: Legion. Trippy.

Stop the bickering and go read the update just released!!!


We thought it good @ustulation, why the :disappointed:


:anguished: My god, the amount of snot and wee sloshing about the place, you have to be kidding. :joy: I would rather chew off a leg.

Grown up toys are a good suggestion though. I was thinking it’s about time he had a really massive, cool model railway set up in the workshop lol ;).

Ok, time to read about 12c /yay

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