Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Tomorrow we will see the first testnet? :smiley:


sorry but no chance… still alot of tasks to be done according to jira, not sure why those are still on hold tho.

I think those tasks are not up to date …:sunglasses:

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I wish that was true but I dont believe it, even the task mentioned in the last update is paused-

Just a bit of context for why this task is on hold: this task had been picked up by Qi as the task he was working on (MAID-3870) was blocked by a PR from Adam (PR 232) that introduced some significant changes to the code. Currently, our main focus in the PARSEC subteam is on performance and since MAID-3870 is tackling a performance issue, Qi picked it up again as soon as he could. We still have a certain amount of work to do before we can call PARSEC ready; mainly on improving the performance as progress still can and should be made until it is completely usable for routing. (Then of course, there is also a number of malice related tasks + documentation and tests) but there isn’t a lot of uncertainty about it: it’s just about keeping going one day at a time and tackling the issues that there are. Of course, our velocity there isn’t what it used to be as we went from 7 pairs of eyeballs to 2 to 3 pairs of eyeballs at any given time as we are ramping up our effort towards the other aspects of Fleming.
Patience is key.


Last year you guys gave us the taste of victory when Parsec was achieved. The taste of victory is kind of addictive, I cheer for you grand master rock star wizards :slight_smile: and looking forward to when the taste of victory stays with us for eternity. Keep up the amazing work like you guys allways do and we will get there, relative soon!


I might have missed it mentioned earlier but why is this?

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i think half the routing team is implementing PARSEC and the other half is trying to improve performance/speed of PARSEC


Actually it’s not exactly what BambooGarden is saying: half the team is working on Parsec with a focus on performance. The other half is having a holistic look at the routing design, focusing on some “big questions” to make sure we go into Fleming with a design that is proven to cope with various situations. We’ll communicate a bit more on this soon with some forum articles. Stay tuned :smile:


Great thanks for that guys, looking forward


any update today? 20char

Late ones are usually good :pray:t2:


Getting ready for app stores :thinking::crossed_fingers:


Hi @Nigel, there’s nothing firm yet but basically, yes.

As you’ll already know, the mobile authenticator is currently a P.O.C. and it’s sitting on GitHub. When it’s in a more polished state then we’d hopefully be looking at getting it on to the Google Play Store for Android, and for iOS we’d probably be looking at TestFlight (initially at least). That being said though, we might look at other options as well.

#dontholdmetoallthis #dontaskmefordates

Is that too much of a politician’s answer?



Nope, just very much a ‘David’ answer…see what I did there :smile:


So much for “SAFE Tinder” :joy: jk


I see there is much work going on in Github on Parsec, In the latest update there was info that the team will have a break for a week or two from Parsec, so its a bit confusing… any confirmation from the team?

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I dont care about that stuff wanna see fleming :smiley:

It was already mentioned in the Update last week