Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


I am on the edge of my seat at this point.


first! 20 charachters


Ummmmm nope … :smile:


You have already ready your post in one click ?



The questions is… is this the very near future today?? :grin::grin::grin:


Snap. Been quietly wondering about this today too.


Any guesses today? I’m wondering if we will get another Crust test?


I have high hopes for new Crust test!

Would be nice to see all the connections forming again. It was kind weird how nice it was last time, forming this connection without any significant content. Here on the forum I can communicate whatever I wish and while doing the test I cannot communicate anything else than “I’m here”. Still it felt somehow more intimate - a bit like a touch. So nice to be part of something. Maybe this is something that could be used in marketing?


I am guessing crust test v2 is about 2ish weeks out if all goes smooth, maybe they will surprise us though :slight_smile: .


Surprise! Crust Test v2 (Join the live test)


WOOT! For the new feature set they turned that around pretty quickly :slight_smile: .


seems like the work is speeding up according to jira and github, anyone else smell alpha 3 testnets before eoy?


Tests have to be done and declared successful before Alpha 3 is released. I’m thinking no later than march for A3 unless something goes horribly wrong. :sweat:


My thoughts are in line with yours. Even June 2019 as long as they get it right. Slowly slowly catches monkey


Testnets will take place after milestone 3 .Taking into account that work is done on both milestone 2 and 3 atm , and there is not many malice to be worked on left, i believe we are much closer than you think/ but we will see in the comming updates.


Looking forward to getting these 20+ day beasts here merged (fingers crossed)! :smiley: It seems they’re kind of blocking the completion of other malice tasks too (just a feeling). From the comments it appears that these two are kind of hard to crack however? @pierrechevalier83


Yeah, these two have been tenacious. For MAID-3252, we’ve tackled an improvement to the testing framework which means it grew to a bit bigger than we thought. For the accomplice malice, there were a few edge cases that showed up at code review which meant it took a bit longer. There was also a few big tasks that were merged at the same time, meaning a few conflicts to handle for both these PRs. Looking forward to merging these :wink:


What does malice mean?


Malicious intent. Baddies


Will we have a big surprise today? :thinking: