Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Waiting for the dev update for last 5 hours… :sweat_smile:


Its getting to be about that magical time of day that they post it.


My amateur snooping says PARSEC Milestone 1 is getting wrapped up today. :tada::tada:

Looks like they nailed the last issue!!

And POC “NotTwitter” mmmmmm… do tell!!

SAFE Network Dev Update - July 12, 2018

Is it true that the second and third milestones for Parsec Should be now added/implemented faster than the first one or are they in theory the same complex or even more ?


What’s a few months here and there. The important thing is that they are getting through it.


It doesn’t matter how wonderfully up front or detailed the updates always are there’s a select few sitting there waiting with the red hot poker in hand…



Plenty of time to buy up still and hog some tokens on the cheap. I feel a SAFE moon landing is inevitable in the future. I just hope the token and its transfer is fast and scales well(that this network can handle VISA Card tx levels of token movement), then all the science of storing and moving around real data and hosting webapps on the safe network to spend our tokens is the vast majority of work, but if they just make the token everything bitcoin could not be when it comes to performance on a new algo thats a huge accomplishment in and of itself! Looking forward to all those benchmark tests on these sorts of things when the time comes.


Wow, looking at the github activity, obviously including the amazing news of the release of PARSEC code…looks like a key dev-update is coming!


no activity lately on jira or github regarding PARSEC from the routing team, I am woundering what is the reason for that?


Didn’t they just release the code or am I missing something deep in your FUD?


milestone 1 was released one week ago, dont spread FUD


As per the last update they are specifying milestone 2 (in more detail than milestone 1)

Should see tasks created on jira once that is done… I think.


So why not just wait for the next update or ask a question? Just insinuating that nothing has been done just irritates the likes of me.


Thanks to starsmick, we only went to 41 cents instead of 41 dollars. I can’t believe this guy!


Alpha 3 today? Or maybe a testnet?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


not a chance, if you lookup jira and github you can see that the milestone 2 work is ongoing, so still probably one month until alpha 3 or a bit more , i hope today for some new whitepaper describing PARSEC Dynamic Membership , hopefully…


It was only a joke wanna reactivate this thread :smiley:


Trees grow faster than this network’s development. Then again we are trying to grow a digital forest here.


Or maybe not :wink: Perhaps a break from the bleakness would help those that think that way. Your comments do not motivate any single member of the team or community in any way and are a regular irritant for many I feel, however, we have midges and they are much much worse :smiley: :smiley:


Lol withdrew his post! I found a nice shirt for him though :smiley: ,


Figure if your gonna do the deed wear it loud and wear it proud :laughing: .