Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


So doest this mean that the next step - alpha 4 will be introduced much earlier/faster thanks to the PARSEC impl


yes and you can say that about almost everything in the network as to “should be quicker to implement and take to production” because of this change set than without it. If that qualifies as “quicker” or “much quicker” no clue. “how much quicker” would depend on the feature and its dependency on consistency between the nodes.


Ouch :man_shrugging:t3:(20 chara)


Thanks for setting some realistic expectations. I think a few people were getting a little over optimistic and that always leads to disappointment!


Initially, when I started investing in Maidsafe I mean, I had expectation that this network would need another 4-5 years atleast to be finished. But as the time is passing by that duration is getting shortened. I would be fine even if the final network launches in 2022. The main point is not fast work but perfect work for this kind of matters.

And thanks for the update Viv.



No no no…it’s about big fat gainZZ, lambo’s, moons and all that jazz…didn’t you get the memo?


Hahaha @dewild you make me laugh, like it :joy: Is the safe_crypto repo for safecoin? Does anyone know?


No, for us crypto == cryptography :D, so this is a cryptography primitives crate (looking at Dalek and miscreant)


Was woundering if today any new paper will be released by routing team , any thoughts?


Does sponsoring the Decentralized Web Summit mean there will be Maidsafe/SafeNetwork branding at the event? :grinning:


So what you’re saying is we’re about 89% there :+1:


A little early but oh well!


Will there be a testnet today?


Not according to my waters (Sorry Aquaphobia, I shouldn’t have mentioned water)


But your water is not maidsafe’s water :smiley:


True, and it’s predictive powers are pretty crap. I’ll try my tealeaves later…


Thy sky is cleared but the stars are yet to align.


Quiet in here lately… PARSEC is getting a lot of attention on GitHub which is really assuring! Hope to see tests sometime soon :slight_smile: team is doing a great job as usual.


JIRA is looking good. A looooong list of done tasks :grin:

Thinking we may hear of internal tests very soon :thinking: :fireworks: