Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


You are right. Well that is the first time that has been mention or suggested by team. We will see if its a brain fart or actuality happens :smile:

EDIT: I have been pointed to this response. So my argument above of storage space SPAM still stands

Back-peddling has begun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::tired_face::tired_face:


I’d say it will be like alpha 2 where we store data on their vaults, but we have nodes that have the vault nobbled.


I predict that, based on this industry’s lack of trust and shallowness, that we will see little rigorous examination of PARSEC until either SAFE is running and/or someone who has the experience outside of SAFE actually goes against the trend and examines it.

The basic mistrust and competitiveness and fear their favourite coin might drop in price will work against even considering the PARSEC as a worthy piece of work.

After SAFE has been using it in beta or live then the interest will become real.

^^^^^ My opinion of course and will welcome being wrong


I think you are right. Like I’ve analogized before, the PARSEC announcement is like the silent earthquake hidden under water, which will hit like a tsunami, when people on the crypto beach are least expecting it. At that point it will be too late to run. Some will float and swim with it, others will be tumbled and crushed. Nothing can stop a tsunami. Yet we tried to warn them!


But the smart people can see the first signs of the coming zunami when the money starts to slowly but surely leave their favourite project.


sneak peak to the graph creation visualization

slightly overwhelming in the first moment :smiley: but i guess when letting it sink in a bit it becomes easier to digest :smiley:


Hahaha :smiley: Still fixing typos in there. You’ve been warned :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t fret chevy, we’ll help you with that. :face_with_monocle:


“What alpha 3 will bring is it will run in parallel with alpha 2 but it will effectively be a decentralized routing network. What that means is it will be one for more technical people to run, and it will enable data to be passed around a network where anyone can contribute their resources to it but it will not facilitate data storage. So it’ll be a command line app, which is probably why it’ll suit technical people more because there’ll be no user interface for it, and they will contribute their resources to enable messages to be passed around the network. So secure messaging would be a use-case for that.

From the Tech Crunch article.


I’d love to see that in graphic form, with all those shitcoin logos being torn apart by the Parsec wave…would be very provocative :smile:


Alpha 3 this week, any idea?


Haha never! This will take some time… Would be to good to be true


Someone said beta would be around 20 months. My mantra is now 20 months, rama rama. 20 months, krishna krishna, 20 months rama rama, 20 months krishna krishna…


i think there is still some stuff to be implemented and then tested, I guess at earlierst next week thursday


I am expecting earlier than that. As per Nick, team has about 24 months of capital at current burn rate. This news is 1 months old i.e. before news of PARSEC which expected to speed up the process. Still, leaving it all aside, the team is expecting to be revenue generating within that time frame. Now the team can’t really generate any revenue in beta, and the network would be beta for a long time for testing and cracking. Even the current updates are indicating that alpha 3 is almost, say 90%, done and alpha 4 is partly, say 50%, done. Conclusion, expect beta within a year.


My guess is that a testnet will come out before alpha 3

Too much work going on for alpha 3 this week.


I see with my crystal ball that the testing for testnet have now begun , but suprisingly david is drinking coffe and solving sudoku in the kitchen area …


Sorry to disappoint, Alpha-3 is certainly not 90% done(we need to clarify these dev updates if it seems to indicate 90% :slight_smile:) . PARSEC and work there should make iterations a lot more efficient in terms of test networks and eventual consistency issues and patches. I’d expect Alpha-3 to be 90% done when we have testnets running for the same if anything. While the majority of the hard part with the base algorithm is behind us, the mechanical impl work itself is also spread across three milestones scaling the algorithm to get integrated with routing and we’re working on the first of those milestones right now while theory for the second is getting documented in parallel. So there is a bit of work to do to get to 90%


So doest this mean that the next step - alpha 4 will be introduced much earlier/faster thanks to the PARSEC impl


yes and you can say that about almost everything in the network as to “should be quicker to implement and take to production” because of this change set than without it. If that qualifies as “quicker” or “much quicker” no clue. “how much quicker” would depend on the feature and its dependency on consistency between the nodes.