Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


The spamming has nothing to do with consensus or ageing or adding NODES, but simply you create an account as you now (minus the invite code) and upload the maximum amount of data allowed.

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

Then create another account and upload the maximum data

And keep repeating this until no more space.

So yes the consensus and aging works in the background agreeing that the data should be stored in Maidsafe’s vaults for alpha 3 and in everyone’s vault for alpha 4.

Spamming has nothing to do with adding NODES



@drehb The SPAM attack is not a flood attack. David was talking of the consensus being quick enough to keep up with the flood of requests. See the post he was responding to

That was about falling out of consensus, not the vaults being filled up by a filling SPAM attack

So still I see nothing to protect the alpha 3 & 4 networks from being filled up if invites are not there.


It points towards a test safecoin to me, perhaps with them being issued via a faucet or some such. Just having the tokens should be trivial. Perhaps swapping them for PUTs would be pretty easy too. Just thinking out loud.


For alpha 3 & 4, the easiest way is to have the invites for account creation. Unless there is something David hasn’t told us.

No need to worry about control of adding Nodes since this needs testing.


Pretty brilliant idea there actually.

Would be so amazing to see these long-awaited parts actually working in the real world.

:point_up_2: This is always the case :+1: always count on that

Keeps us on the edge of our seat.


Not really because it will only delay alpha 3 and 4 longer still.

That module has not even been started yet. Lets get the network actually tested before introducing a brand new module that has to go through new-rfc–>developement–>coding–>testing cycle. More than a month delays it would cause. Maybe a lot more.


At the end of the comment he said “vaults with test safecoin should secure the whole thing (alpha 4).”


I knew I’d seen that somewhere!


Hmm… so what is a ‘routing only network’ (Alpha 3)? What data will be used to test it?

Definitely exciting that test Safecoin is likely to be planned for Alpha 4 integration though!


I think it means people from home get to play, but their vaults will not store any data, just help with routing scale up / testing.


Keeping all these points aside, when do you think the team would announce a3 and a4? I think work on crust is done, right?


Does when matter anymore? (Not to step on your toes.) I feel like time has finally slowed down again that every week should have something substantially important. It’s already felt like a week since the PARSEC announcement… I mean obviously it literally has been a week, but it actually feels like a week, not “5 seconds.” So basically, to answer your question, tomorrow :smiley: Kidding, but it will feel like tomorrow compared to the 3 years R&D has been seen/seemingly dragging (because that is R&D’s nature… and is still present, but much less so). With simultaneous public interaction, too, that dragging feeling will be even more in the background.


I’ve not even been a member of the forum for 1 year.
From my perspective it’s FAST! I joined when it was alpha 1, now it’s alpha , 2… It could be, that I get to see 3! Alphas, maybe 4 if very lucky, in the space of 12 months.

If they launch beta by June 13th… I’ll fall of my seat.

It is fast. I’m very happy with the progress.


I know the progress is faster now but cant control myself as the time is passing by. I just want to play with the network and save all my data to get them on the go.



Interesting. Vlad doesn’t seem impressed. This oughta be fun…


I’m sure he gets this kind of stuff stuck under his nose all the time but he is overly dismissive. It is a great achievement for the movement otherwise it would have already been done in an open source manner and not worth protecting via a patent for Hashgraph. Besides, even with sharding, Blockchain just isn’t fit for what we all want to do with it. So in comparison with what Casper is supposed to achieve (make Blockchain more viable) then I guess yeah it’d be a way bigger achievement than PARSEC :joy::roll_eyes: /sarcasm


Yeah…I figured. That’s why I hope that he’ll dig a little deeper now.

So far…the criticism on PARSEC has been ill founded. (Mostly based on wording and misinterpretation.) Which could also be a good thing of course. I’d love to see an in-depth debate though.


Okay! I want to make a absolutely unfounded and wildly speculative prediction! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream_cat:

@dirvine obviously did some thinking about what will be part of alpha 4 and what not - could be just the regular thinking some of us (not me usually) do from time to time
Buuuuuut… :tada: could be there’s a reason why it’s on his mind too!
I think they might release the new website with a Roadmap (maybe even some hints on time-line? xD) tomorrow! :confetti_ball:

(no pressure though ; )