Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Working on consensus, figuring out that data can be in conflicting state at the very same moment to several different nodes, maidsafe finds a solution to schrodinger cat paradox.

In other news within the crypto space, Consensus conference in NY ends without a single line of code discussed …


Bigger than alpha 3, is alpha 4. Lol. Just saying…


I hope this kind amazing accomplishment will echo across the crypto/computer science elite and draw alot of attention across all of the worlds brilliant minds.

Hopefully they swich their focus from lambos and instead give the SAFE-network the attention it deserves.

  • Pied Piper Network being renamed to SAFENetwork on Silicon Valley, or new MAIDSafe series planned?
  • Significant academic progress, candidate for Fields Medal to a member of the team?
  • Sliced Bread V2.0 released.
  • Advance to SAFENet Beta, if you pass Alpha 4 collect 200 Safecoins.
  • Tim Berners-Lee joins Maidsafe team
  • Venezuela, Greece, (insert other financially troubeld country ) vows to adopt SAFECoin on launch.
  • The butler did it, in the server room with a 56K modem and an FPGA
  • Large network of universities will form a collaboration to bring the SAFENet in to the lives of many, as it did with the origional internet.
  • Brexit is cancelled?
  • SAFECoin to replace the Euro?
  • Nobel peace prize awarded for efforts to level the global communications field, enable peace progress?
  • Wait… I have a time machine, I can just go back to the year 2008 and start developing the network then?
  • I for one welcome our new AI overlords.
  • Other… please specify below.

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Pretty sure that’s a goose…

Any birdwatchers able to confirm?

Maybe close groups should be renamed gaggles?

Anyway, this is very exciting - looking forward to hearing the details :smiley:

Edit: Hmm… they are bar-headded geese… are MaidSafe re-locating to Barrhead? That wouldn’t necessarily be anything to get excited about :smiley:


That is the funniest poll ever @Zoki :joy::joy::joy:


Dammit. I’m ornithologically incorrect


Very good point…


… they are bar-headded geese… are MaidSafe re-locating to Barrhead?

Or maybe the goose is excited, because it will get 3 or 4 instead of 2 bars on its head :wink:


This all feels like a little bit of hype to me, I like it. Nothing wrong with getting people excited when real ground-breaking tech is actually going to be revealed. Since MAID is so sincere it’s that much more tantalizing.


Even some hardcore MaidSafe fans do not understand how important is routing and what was probably achieved. It is easier to hype scams and shady ICOs than serious technology. There has to be some big whale who understands how important it is. Than masses of traders will follow.


I find korean characters the most beautiful ones in asia… they are very neat !


I would create a post just for this.

Bigger than alpha 3…what could it be?
Speculate inside this thread.


“Advance to SAFEnet Beta, if you pass Alpha 4 collect 200 Safecoins”

Do understand that if this happens, I am immediately quitting my job and dedicating my time to auxiliary SAFEnetwork marketing efforts.


David Irvine is actually an alien from planet Zorgolbosh. Tomorrow he turns on the neural network and becomes the leader of the new world. All hail the leader.


Could the news be about data chains? That’s part of routing is it not?


So much lol on this update.
We had our own spamer before alpha 2, remember?


Borrheid? Cue jokes about Armitage Shanks


I totally missed the “more details tomorrow” part of the tweet.
Damn, I probably would have been better off not noticing it!



Really have that song in my head now!