Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Maybe some news on that new exchange listing!!


… Second that! :grin:


It is almost too quiet… I think powder is being kept dry for devcon! :slight_smile:


I’m wondering, with devcon approaching, if these next two updates will be lighter than normal. Even the timing of the marketing video release could be lining up with devcon.



I too am thinking that it will be a quiet update. Well at least the one next week will be quiet in comparison as members of the team prepare to travel to Ayr during the next week.

EDIT: and the update after devcon is likely to be light on project update and more on highlights from devcon.


I agree. Somehow, I feel like we’ll be hearing some pretty amazing news coming out of DevCon. It’s too good a platform to pass up the speaking opportunity, I think.


Maybe, but given the extreme openness of the development of the Safe network, I don’t expect any big surprises.

I’m sure it’ll be very informative & particularly useful in terms of building community and developer relationships… hopefully it’ll cause some new ideas & thinking to emerge for apps etc.


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

April 12ths Dev Update.


not sure if someone mentioned this already Oo (yeah and maybe the wrong topic here … no clue …)

i have no idea what’s written there but looks like someone is putting in some serious work to translate every update to korean :open_mouth: awesome!


Yes that’s right, our MaidSafe Korea group translates all my images as well as occasionally translating the entire updates themselves.

Great to have, since Korea is one of the top countries for crypto worldwide and highly concentrated into one main social platform, naver


Seems like there is no work at the moment beeing done as of git hub, hope i am wrong…


You are very wrong…


Will there be any dev update on thursday regarding routing?


Sorry No, there will only be post Devcon drinking stastistics to report. It is predicted however, that this will move the ‘market’ significantly.


You’re on fire :rofl: :rofl:


Unlike you im not here for the market news, So dont reply if you have to be rude, thx



Hopefully it will be that they start saying routing instead of rooting. Route has a “u” in it guys. Us Aussies giggle every time they try to say routing box, to us aussies they sound like someone being “naughty”.


But, ye get yer kicks on root 66 :slight_smile:


Nah on root 69. . . .:yum: