Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


I kind of refrain from speculation nowadays as I’ve been so far off in the past but I notice it says “incorporate” Data Chains, not implement. This I believe is because Data Chains is already written up and used in simulations they run and basically need to plug the code into existing code. Sounds to me like node aging, section splits and merges in routing, will take a bit to code. On th dev forum it seems like they’ve found parameters they seem comfortable with for the next testnets. No idea how long any of it will take but they have almost all hands on deck for routing where the bulk of this work resides! No matter what it’ll be an exciting ride :slight_smile:


Ditto, but I am going to go out on a limb anyway… Peruse today! :grin:


That really is out on a limb - seeing as the update’s tomorrow!


Holy moley. Ok well im going to go crawl back into my hole now :roll_eyes: tomorrow then :joy:


Lol that gave me a good laugh! Remember when Tuesday were the coolest day of the week? Hoping to see Peruse take the main stage soon too.


Ive screwed this week up left right and center.

  1. Had work scheduled at my house, guys pitched up and I sent them away saying they got the day wrong. Nope it was me.
  2. Booked an hotel, for the wrong day.
  3. Was eagerly awaiting the dev update earlier… well that was clearly strike 3.
    So I can only assume my Peruse prediction is utterly useless :persevere:
    Its like Im in wonderland :joy:
    Ill try again next week, this week sucks.


Just maybe this was the one right thing for you this week

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Would be nice to hear of data chains progressing. Would also be good to see the mile stones getting referred to and progress reported.

I think we are all aware that a new test net or alpha 3 is some way away though, so I am trying to curb my enthusiasm until they are closer! :slight_smile:


hey wasn’t there supposed to be an update today?

It’s night time right now here in malaysia, on Friday


Nice profile picture man :+1: :+1:


I hope you mean friday morning :wink: Because it cannot be friday night there yet :grin:

Its only 11:30pm thursday night UK time as I post this


Wh0000t - it’s already this time of the week again :hugs:


I am also really looking forward to this update.

I expect some good news about India branch joins the effort, some news about datachain progress and also something about two new videos from HyperCube. As always there will be a lot more. :slight_smile:

EDIT.: Proposal: it would be also wonderful to see some updated metrics about number of Safenetforum users. As far as I know, these numbers are accelerating rapidly.


Im not going to pretend I have any idea how much work is left to do, but by my count 12 tasks complete, 3 active and 9 to do they are past half way… in terms of tasks at least!! :tada:

What could be more exciting than vaults routing nodes from home and steady progress in that direction. Once users can participate in running the network we can all get excited about something other than exchanges and tokens which has become so dull and dreary lately. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Routing nodes rather than vaults I believe, but yeah - will be great to get involved again :smiley:


Indeed!!! 20 char…


Ermmm… vaults from home? Do I win? :laughing:


Amen to that! Safe network is about much more than token price and trading!


Got some inspiration some time back ago and today I made my first gif. I may have to edit this post because I don’t know how to add gifs but I think the timing for this gif can be quite good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Had some problem with max file size for the gif,rocky_maid4 but here we go.


Is that Trello or JIRA?

What’s the link? Thx