Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


AMA’s seem to be all the rage, the team is pretty active here I know but would be cool if we could have a few AMA’s with core devs.
Would make for some interesting threads.


I think that would be cool, especially if the title is “We’ve just finished developing a new internet for a decade AMA”


Every week the dev update is one of the weeks highlights, which makes thursdays allways becomes so much brighter. So just wanted to state that I’am excited for the update, as allways!!! :slight_smile:


Been really spoiled the last couple weeks with early updates, now I’m jonesing!!!


Christmas present today? :grimacing: :grinning:


And also …

…We have the Community Engagement Program launching tomorrow which will allow us to work much more closely with the amazing people we are privileged to have in our community and compensate them in MaidSafeCoin for their help…


Hey :wave:
The price has jumped more over the last 3 weeks, than at anytime since the ICO. Without any dev update in between or any progress on dev.

Maybe we should tell David to stop working at the end of the day and the token price will fly like all the actual vapor wares on the market :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Just kidding of course !
Looking forward to the next update on the 11th and hopefully a new testnet soon.

When is dev actually resuming ?


There will be some happening over this period

The next dev update date is in the last dev update. The 11th from memory


At you see that there is recent development.


Pretty much aligns with the community push on reddit and the new marketing people coming on board. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:


Well you may be right. If Dev updates didn’t happen, then the punters who have said they will pile in late in Alpha 3 or early Alpha 4 will be forced to pile in now. David can just issue those Assange like tweets with encryption codes


Hogmanay and early xmas day was the only time off for us all really, apart from that we had lots of meetings hangouts and code updates, just the usual. We are reordering some stuff, getting some thinking time and planning. Plus a couple of us with the flu (hogmanay kissing is a bad idea :slight_smile: ). Anyway all that has stopped is the dev updates and a few team members took the holidays off, but not all of us :wink:


When do we get to start chucking test safecoins at one another like immature teenagers? :wink:


Late update, often involves a special treat! :smile:


Any predictions for this week?


Not a prediction but curiosity is killing me.


I think a few hundred forum members just said Amen to that brother. :rofl:


I’m hoping to get an update on the milestones presented here -

Are they currently coding Milestone 1?


It’s great to see what needs to happen before the next alpha! From the perspective of someone who has deep technical expertise, would you say crossing these milestones is a 4-6 month journey? Longer/shorter? I’m curious about how difficult these objectives are. I assume some milestones are more difficult to cross than others. Would definitely appreciate it if people could share their thoughts. :slight_smile:


Looks like a couple of days code max :wink: