Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


^ This ^ (20 characters)


Inquiring mind want to know!!!


4 foot 6 inches :smiley:

Very little actually, but much is in separate repositories. In terms of % complete, we cannot tell at this stage. This week we are all a bit focused on another alpha :smiley:


5 years…Seriously? Why?


Rock ‘n’ Roll !!!



Chillax sanju, today is a big day enjoy what it brings.


I thought it was funny, just a joke. Meant to say, take as long as it takes unless it takes too long.


Yea, I am happy with what I get. :wink:

Oh I get it now.




This is exactly how I treat my keyboard today :joy:
Haha love this picture so much, because it tells the absolute truth.


Sup homies :male_detective: where’s the pre-dev detective work at?
2 weeks is a long time for this thread to lay dormant!


We were waiting for an update from you!


After @maidsafe showed how they can curveball us with mobile out of the blue detective spirits are bruised :wink:


Alpha 3 tonight then. :wink:


I want some of what @Zoki had :wink:


Hopefully we will have an update on datachains tonight


Lol, MaidSafe been giving so many awesome updates themselves recently that there’s no empty space for ppl to wonder :stuck_out_tongue: When this thread is silent, it means we’re all too busy enjoying some actual releases! <3




Excited about todays update! Hoping datachains part 1 has been finalized and coding can commence.
That with a Decorum module would make for a nice week!


This one is not pulled yet, but 2 days old now: