Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


How will Thursday go down?
I’m not sure how Maidsafe are going to bring Alpha 2 to town, big extravaganza or ease it in gently?


With the slow crypto market I doubt price will moon. However I expect maid to jump up the ladder in ranking. I hope there are some marketing buzz to get attention too. It certainly helps in future adoption.


Yeah I’m not really thinking in terms of price here though, wondering the degree of fanfare.
I hope we as the community can populate the Network with some interesting stuff before Thursday to give new visitors something to play with!

Edit: that assumes 19 stays and becomes Alpha 2?


Agreed. We have been promoting this project to our friends here. Currently there are no less than 30 fans within our group.


Wanted to hit first comment for alpha2 release to enter history books, but tomorrow evening is Roch Hachana and won’t be in front of my screen :sob:

I wish everyone a happy new year and a great Alpha2 release !



Happy new year 5778 :smiley:


One small curiosity. It took a little more than 1 year to go from Alpha 1 to 2. How long do you guys think Alpha 2 and later upcoming Alpha’s and Beta would take? Any guess?
I cant keep myself holding much longer without seeing the complete network in action. Silly me :persevere:


Looks like we’re getting something tomorrow :grinning:




I hope we all get Red Rider BB guns! Nobody better shoot their eye out!


I think the speed of updates after Alpha 2 will surprise us all. As with any programming project, once you sort out the fundamental building blocks you then use those blocks to build faster and faster.


I agree, but I do not think we are there yet. I consider decentralised vaults and safecoin, maybe data chains, to be fundamentals too.
Also, we expected iterations to speed up after Alpha one, precisely following your logic, and look how long it took to get to Alpha two.


One of the recent updates said planning for Alpha 3 release was underway. Why plan for a release if you are nowhere near ready​:wink::wink::wink:


I don’t think it talked about “planning” for release of alpha 3 (but please point me to it if I’m wrong), I recall it mentioning that work was well underway on the features of alpha 3,which we have known for some time because it includes data chains (part 1 I think).


It’s on the Sept 7 update


Your right as far as the wording goes, but there will be some qualification from David re that I’m sure…hence the like on the post from @happybeing

Honestly, be super pumped that it may take a little while longer than you might be hoping, with all the movement (most likely downwards) that will happen as eh em November approaches, the door remains open to keep improving your long position :wink::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is my favorite Pre-Dev-Update post that I’ve ever made: Alpha 2 today!

First time there’s ever been a release date to countdown to. History being made today.


They can take as long as they like as long as its less than 5 years


and if it’s not can I then buy your stash at a 50% mark up??? :wink:
I’m with @whiteoutmashups can’t wait for the announcement :sunglasses:


What will change if they announce alpha 2? We will still be using stable test 19 and that’s It?


I think that’s accurate. The good and tricky question here would be: How much is (the codebase + testing , regarding node age and datachains 1 + integration in master branche) already in terms of task completion? :thinking: