Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Secretly (and selfishly) I’m quite pleased as I’ll be out tonight and wouldn’t want to miss the fun…


anyone here ? or people too busy watching the drop ?


so @happybeing, it’s between you and me tonight ?
oh @Savage and @SmokeTM as well, good.

I will be first. it will save my day !


Or is someone lurking to strike unexpectedly?? :face_with_monocle: find out later on tonight’s thriller, the dev update of September 14th!!!


Alpha 2 will be release tonight?

  • hell yes
  • no :frowning:

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I would expect it to be released/called at a more palatable time (UK time) not dev update time.
Remember a test will become Alpha 2 so I assume it will involve press releases and so forth. 9pm is not a great time for that (my opinion of course)


this short number of week is not so short.


That was an exciting merge. :wink:


More like 11pm not that I’m complaining like tho! :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah in an hour and a half, technically it turns into a Friday update…:wink:


In Switzerland, but not in Scotland…


Guys we need Alpha 2! Waiting so long for It…


If Alpha 2 is ready for release, it would be more prudent to hold off such an announcement until the news over China subsides. Good news like Alpha 2 could get drowned and ignored due to major negative news in the crypto space.


I don’t talk about price, I don’t care about It now, I care about product :slight_smile:


You already have the product - test 19. The alpha 2 release is very much about marketing a milestone.


can’t wait to see an actual product…


@David_MacGregor I agree with that but (up until now) the Maidsafe team don’t seem to have cared a jot for PR. When it’s ready, it’s ready. And I’ve always liked the purity of that.

If we were talking about beta then I’d hope the broader crypto context would be taken into account. But this is (just) one of many alpha’s. All we’re talking about here is short term price really.


Me too… would like to already use the finished product!


lol, what about now. Who wants to bet they won’t make it before 00:00 Glasgow time ?
Friday update I tell you.

They are probably debating internally whether they should be postponing alpha 2 to next week.


It would shake up the market if they announced Alpha 2 with Alpha 3 expected for release in, give or take, x months