Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


What are we expecting this week based on last weeks updates and forecasts? How close are we to Beta? Bring on the prognosticators. No wishful thinking here. Facts, just the facts, ma’am. (Google Joe Friday)


I’m thinking alpha 2 will come shortly after test net 17 or maybe 18.


We need a few more things done before beta

There is going to be testing-alpha2-testing-alpha3–??–??-?? at least before any beta versions. You’re aware of the timescales involved and I doubt anyone can give any sort of estimate. Even David has said he does not know with any accuracy.

So the facts are that we don’t know and any estimate is going to be too long or too short by far. A prize to the one who can guess/estimate to the day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::yum:


Beta on December 14th @ 19:30 - Xmas comes early this year :wink:


Alpha 4 on 1 Feb 2018
Beta on 24 May 2018
Live network on 2 Aug 2018

TBH I’d be pretty happy with those. 12 months will fly by :smiley:


Can’t let that go unnoticed, at least we learned something useful in that thread. :grin:


Consider what’s happened in the last 12 months. And then consider how long it’ll take to get the the SAFE network to spread even with fanatic adoption.


A year ago bitcoin was £400 and Eth just £6. It seems crazy to think it was that recent. Very few of the ‘public’ had heard of Eth 12 months ago really, even though it was a $900M market cap. Now I’m amazed how often I hear it mentioned by non crypto people.

I can’t wait to see the ground shift under our feet again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s been almost an year now since the Alpha one announcement. If history is anything to learn from I would not be too optimistic with timescales. Of course, I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t help but hope development picks up the pace.


While history may have good lessons and teach us that optimistic timescales are rarely met for complex projects, you also have to look at reasons for for the time it took. Plus also the current resources available at the respective times.

The pace usually picks up once the major components are all there. This is because the major “inventing/R&D” stage has been done.

We are not yet at the “all components” stage yet.

The dev team is also now larger and being increased at a sensible rate so that minimal time is lost bringing the new devs up to speed.

The time for alpha 1 to alpha 2 will be far longer than alpha 2 to alpha 3, because of the above reasons.


Resolve UI related issues…


You know one of the best things about SAFE? We can honestly say the government didn’t create this internet for us. It’s 100% by the people for the people.


Loads of miners (farmers) instead of a little group that decides which chain they support. The users really control this network.

Thats what Satoshi expected in Bitcoin before it became mainstream. 1 CPU = 1 Vote. Most of here want it, but let us not lie to ourselves. When/If MAID goes as big, professional datahouse will be the big farmers one way or the other


That may be the case, but that won’t make everyday farmers uncompetitive in the way that ASICs made CPUs and GPUs uncompetitive for Bitcoin mining, especially when people offer spare capacity they already have, which costs them almost nothing.

If lots of people offer spare capacity that costs them nothing, the market price for storage on Safe may be below what makes it worthwhile for data houses to bother with farming on a large scale, except for their own spare capacity.


This is by no means the case. Well have to see, because the network is designed to favour individual users and if they farm in large numbers it will be difficult for data warehouses to compete, or at last they don’t be very profitable and so should be limited rather than dominant. That’s for another topic though - search farming and centralisation for more on this.


will alpha 2 be release this week?


(Barring some change in the normal process) We’ll find out on Thursday night. Not before. Sorry!


MAID-2181 UI update #93


Maybe release of alpha 2 today? Give me your assumptions? :grin:


Some hints about crates version number:

  • crust has been set to 0.28.0 on Jul, 26th

  • routing has been set to 0.32.0 yesterday

Both have been committed to Now, the element to check is safe_vault version number to known when a new network is about to be launched (be it Alpha 2, Beta, another test network …).