Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


I’ll have a ‘C’ please Bob


I’d like to give 1 maid to each person who guesses right, so that I enter folklore sometime in 2030 as the next bitcoin pizza guy. But I won’t.


@danski Would you at least be willing to pay maid for some of my finest alpaca socks???


What’s your alpaca going to wear if you sell them?


Gator boots of course…


Incremental update, steady progress testnet 17 to continue as is without becoming fully public just yet p.s. hopefully some more progress on the android side and top of my personal wishlist helper functions in development


E) User run vaults. :wink:


Yeah I’ve been wondering when user run vaults will show up.


Every tab you have open on the SAFE Browser (like a website or the Authenticator) fills 1 spot on one of the proxy_nodes. The commit below frees that spot when you close a tab on the browser.

Looks like this is the fix.


Can newbs play? If so my answers is: (All of the above) :smile:



Don’t know for sure, but looks like there’s no longer a limit on the number of clients connecting per proxy_node. Only limitation on data_usage??

MaidSafe Dev Update - July 20, 2017

Can’t wait to catch up on the inside scoop of what’s been happening this week.

This talk of BCC has me chomping at the bit even harder for SAFE. All this confusing, complicated, technically-deficient and hype-fuelled mayhem needs to be swept aside. The people just need something simple that solves their problems and actually works. Even as a full-time cryptophile I can’t keep up with everything going on at the moment, how is Joe Public supposed to? The last week or two have been insane.

ICO Hacks and scams
SEC ICO report
Alphabay & Hansa shut down
BTC-E arrests
LedgerX Bitcoin Options
BIP91 locked

Hope for lots of good news in tonight’s update, you guys really need to wipe this board clean for us. I’m not sure how much more of this ‘blockchain’ madness I can take. :weary: :confounded: :unamused:


Well said… MaidSafe has some great advantages:

  • Design done by 1 company to their best vision. No fights over who’s the leader etc. (just like Mozilla).
  • No scalability problems so no need for hardforks and other debates.
  • Loads of miners (farmers) instead of a little group that decides which chain they support. The users really control this network.
  • New features in Vaults can be added one by one. They’ll become active if the quorum of the network supports them.


it might just be my connection but the maidsafe visualiser is down, also i may have a small announcement today


Ohw gosh, I almost can’t handle the stress of the weekly updates each week. And know you are adding even more cortisol to my blood!


Go for a walk. You need to do something with that cortisol to make it dissolve.


do you guys think alpha 2 will be release today?


I’d be surprised if the team had everything completed for Alpha 2 today, though could be wrong. I’m guessing the rate limiter code needs testing first, and that it’ll be used in the Alpha, but I know very little and would be happy to be surprised :slight_smile:


I can still remember when it was easy to keep up with the news!

Perhaps need to consider in marketing something clean and simple that is not liable to that cryptoconfusion. Something safe and simple will do nicely.