Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D


Crust arrived at version 0.26.0


Mutable Data (118 commits) pulled into the master branche in routing :grinning:


Wooooooh MD is in master!!! Yaaaaay! :smile:
Just waiting on safe_vault now!


Just to be clear… tested in dev branch and moved to master once everything is good, or testing continues once in master?

I’m not sure how the whole github thing goes. :blush:


They tested MD locally on mutable-data branche in Routing. They’re satisfied so now pulled into master branche in Routing. But in Vaults it’s still in the mutable-data branche so like @Nigel said we have to wait for that as well. And then it’s time for everybody else to test it on a test network. But stil great news as it shows the progress being made.


Be glad they didn’t mention you on GitHub, I get all the blame for being a spy!! :rofl:

Okay everybody, just some regular message here about a regular update. It has something to do with aligning branches :grin:.


They’re on to you René! Haha


btw in case anyone missed that edit was from @Viv (you can see the edited by part) :stuck_out_tongue: It easily looks like I was the one but i am innocent :smiley:


isn’t it getting late ?


Update in Safe examples:

Update in safe app node js:


I think we’re mostly on the same page thinking that either this Thursday or next we’ll get a chance to play with something new.

The optimistic among us will probably be glued to the screen tonight :smiley:


Nah, just wait and see if your 22k price alert goes off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (For those of us with mobile phones)


I’m thinking once safe proves mobile phone viable it’ll become WAY more popular and people start buying MAID like mad.


Update assets #51


@polpolrene Thats for the browser isn’t it


That time again already, don’t the weeks fly past eh?! :wink:


Some amateur (and stolen) philosophy while we wait: Does every week without a testnet increase the probability of it being this week? Or reduce it? :slight_smile:

I was thinking about the gulf between crypto world thinking (more time goes by without a product, less chance of there being one) and Safe community thinking (we must be close!), and how it’s a bit like the turkey example that Taleb uses to show the different sides of the ‘market crash’ belief systems.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, best-selling author of The Black Swan, told the story of a turkey who is fed by the farmer every morning for 1,000 days. Eventually the turkey comes to expect that every visit from the farmer means more good food. After all, that’s all that has ever happened so the turkey figures that’s all that can and will ever happen. But then Day 1,001 arrives. It’s two days before Thanksgiving and when the farmer shows up, he is not bearing food, but an ax. The turkey learns very quickly that its expectations were catastrophically off the mark. And now Mr. Turkey is dinner.

Taleb’s advice: “Let’s not be turkeys.”

The lesson of our doomed turkey illustrates the central problem of unexpected, “black swan” events (or in this case “black turkey,” I guess). We simply do not have enough data to reach empirical conclusions about how a risk will manifest itself and to what degree. “Just because you never died before, doesn’t make you immortal,” said Taleb.

We have the same problem I guess. Incomplete info leads to some guessing that a product will never come, and others guessing that one is imminent. 2 movies on 1 screen, as Scott Adams would say (in the days when he was bearable).

I seem to have likened Safenet to a black swan though. :grimacing:


Third option, the probability remains the same.

P.S. I really don’t like the fact that we have to wait for a testnet. Why can’t the testnet last until the next one?


Hopefully they can in the future when they’re working well, but unfortunately problems with the previous test meant it couldn’t keep running due to unexpected user actions (possibly / probably attacks that the test network wasn’t designed to be required to cope with).


Last week I thought 40%, this week I think significantly less likely, so I’m going to say 20% and hope I’m just wrong as usual :blush: